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Y^O^^ you*' iV\JLY\(^ 



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\jAf>-^ (Vv^cL \-|^<jL>- 



Kempsville Junior High School 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Edited by . . . 

Editor — 

Anne Slaughter 
Features Editors — 

Maryann Baiocco 

Julie Clark 

Jerry Lavely 

Cheryl Snow 

Class Editors — 
Amy Bordy 
Lydia Cockey 

Photographers — 
April Brinn 
Scot Fairchild 
Al Igana 

Sports Editors — 

Joe Briggs 

Jerry Lavely 

Cheryl Snow 
Activities Editors — 

Melissa Keen 

Michele Mixner 



As Iff walked into the halls of 
Kempsville Jr. High School for the 
first time this year, we couldn't help 
but look back on the fun of June, July, 
and August and take a deep sigh. It 
was hard to believe that the last sunny 
afternoons of our summer had finally 
come. The sun had set on the carefree 
days of summer, but in our minds the 
sun was rising on a new horizon. 

As we took our first steps into the 
building, we covered more than just a 
few inches. We took on responsibility 
just by being there. From now on we 
would have to think about doing 
homework, talking to that special per- 
son in the hall, finding a place to sit in 
the crowded cafeteria, making the 
team, and keeping up with our federal 
cards and yearbook receipts. 

Before the first day, everyone had 

compared schedules with friends; our 
worn, folded copies could hardly be 
read as we tried to use them to find our 
way to first bell on September 7th. We 
spent the first days of school becoming 
acquainted with teachers and fellow 
students, learning to open our lock- 
ers, listening to what seemed like 
hundreds of rules, figuring out where 
health class met on Monday, and de- 
ciding if we should eat hamburgers or 
chicken filet sandwiches. 

Even though we had to say goodbye 
to the free time of summer, most of us 
looked forward to a time of responsi- 
bility. As our time began in Septem- 
ber, we couldn't help but hope that we 
could make it what it should be, what 
we knew it would be — precious 
time, indeed. 

Summer ends and school begins. 

Beginnings / 3 


"Spare time" for the involved 
students of KJHS was very rare. 
The day to day routine was filled 
with club meetings and activities, 
extra-help sessions or reviews for 
hard subjects, six fifty-minute 
classes, and a thirty-minute lunch. 
As the 3:45 p.m. bell rang, the halls 
filled as students spread in all direc- 
tions. Some remained at school for 
practices while others went home to 
participate in family or community 
activities, or to begin an evening of 
studying and waiting for the phone 
to ring. 

As the weekends arrived, this 
meant a little more spare time for 
everyone. There were many activi- 
ties in which to participate. In the 
stands or on the bleachers were the 
places to be during the sports' sea- 
sons; then on to Milton's to eat and 
talk about the game or just about the 
happenings of the week. 

Parties or dances offered an 
alternative to the weekend scene. 
This included school dances, club 
activities, and parties held by stu- 
dents looking to spend time with 
friends. Many students also spent 
some of this spare time at the area 
malls, cinemas, and game rooms. 

Even though spare time for 
Kempsville students has been rare, 
they have made the most of every 
minute. Fortunately for everyone, 
there were only twenty-four hours 
in a day, and a few had to be spent 
recuperating before the Monday 
morning routine began again. 


Venture friends bid Jerry a sad 

4 / Beginnings 


"Kempsville." To hear that word 
gives us a real sense of pride. Its 
meaning remains the same through- 
out the years of going to classes, 
attending sports events, and partici- 
pating in varied activities. A walk 
down the tired halls can say more to 
the mind than the one hundred and 
eighty days of learning and living. To 
see the smiling faces and the joy in our 
eyes is to know the pride of Braves. To 
feel sadness when you realize that the 
doors are locked, the halls are empty, 
and the good times seem gone forever, 
is to remember all that has been a part 
of life at KJHS for us. Do they call it 


With each year its meaning grows. 
The present rapidly turns to gold dust 
of the past, and the future lies ahead of 
us as a magic blue mist, a gold and 
blue picture with accents of teardrops 
and laughter. In class, on the playing 
field, at a club meeting, marching in 
the band, or just relaxing after 3:45 
p.m., being from Kempsville is some- 
thing to be proud of. This love runs 
deeper. As the blue mist we saw in 
September turns overnight to gold 
dust, we look back and smile. ]Ne 
think of that golden dust and all that 
we have to be proud of. This is called 
"Brave Pride." 

Beginnings / 9 


Beginnings / 11 


The past year at Kempsville 
brought many memories for all. Good 
or had, they are indeed memories 
shared with close friends. Never again 
will we experience a year quite like 
this one. The memories made this year 
are special because this could be the 
last time we are all gathered in the 
same school. The talk of rezoning has 
been a topic of discussion for the 
citizens of the Kempsville area for 
several years, but the possibility of 
this becoming a reality during the 
1982-83 school year has caused con- 
cern for Ke7npsville parents, students 
and school faculty . This change could 
forever alter the path ready to be taken 
by all of us to Kempsville High School. 

Now is when we can look back and 
remember the times that we all shared. 
Tor example, remember the time you 
asked that special person for a date and 
she said, "yes," or how about the time 

you had cafeteria duty because you 
dropped your napkin? YJe all remem- 
ber the great feeling of winning the big 
game or the disappointment of losing 
when we had tried so hard. Remember 
the time your locker jammed because 
six people shared it and also the time 
you missed your bus because you were 
waiting to pass that note that you 
wrote in sixth bell? Ah7iost everyone 
has experienced the embarrassment of 
being called on in class and not being 
able to answer. 

These memories will linger on, long 
after we are out of school. As we all 
look back on the year, everyone will 
have his own special times to remem- 
ber. Whether they were made in or 
outside of school, they will always be 
deeply cherished by each of us. No 
matter what path we all take, hopeful- 
ly there will be times when we can look 
back and say, "Remember the time." 

. . . when we were rising up to meet 
the challenge of our rival as Bobby 
caught the pass to score the winning 
touchdown, and Karen and 
Stephanie led the cheerleaders at the 
fall sports pep rally. 

12 / Beginnings 

The Venture Staff makes the best of spare 
time even at five in the morning. 

It seems like only yesterday that we were 
arriving for the first day of school. 

14 / Beginnings 


What is time? The dictionary de- 
fines time as, "all of the days there 
have been or ever will be; the past, 
present and future. " Our school year 
was "time" — The time yesterday 
when we first ventured into our school 
to start a new year. Much of our past 
is made up of time spent with old 
friends and the excitement of making 
new ones. The classes, the teachers, 
and the activities made the year spe- 
cial. — The time today when we sit 
here, read the yearbook, and reminese 
about yesterday, we look back on the 
past, laughing at all of the good times, 
and looking forward to the end of 
school. — And the time tomorrow 
when all of this will be behind us and 

we will start a new yesterday, today 
and tomorrow. 

Time is always moving, and its 
passage sometimes seems too slow or 
too fast. It moves fast when we are 
enjoying ourselves and it moves slozv- 
ly when we are bored. Busy times and 
happy moments spent with our 
friends speed by, while times with noth- 
ing to do or minutes spent in your 
not-so-favorite class seem to drag. 
Someday s the classes flew by, while 
other days the hands on the clock 
seemed to move so slowly. 

Time flies; our time is over now; 
let's hope that all of our future times 
will be as good as the times spent at 
KJHS during 1982-83. 

Beginnings / 15 


Many times it is difficult to describe 
the student body of a school. No one 
phrase can picture in words what the 
student body of KJHS is like. It is 
made up of more than 1600 people 
with varied goals, interests, and 
accomplishments. Each and everyone 
of them is different in many ways, but 
they all have something in common, 

The 7th grade population at KJHS 
feeds in from two elementary schools, 
Kempsville Meadows and Providence 
Elementary. These people make up a 
very small part of our student body, 
but are a very important part because 
of their enthusiasm and participation 
in many activities. 

The 8th grade population is made 
up of the 7th graders moving from 
Kemps Landing and the returning 7th 
graders from KJHS. Since some of the 
students are new to the school, adjust- 
ments had to be made, but they quick- 
ly learned and become a united class. 

Most of the 9th graders at KJHS 
have spent at least two years becoming 
friends and developing common in- 
terests and goals. They are the "Brave 
Pride" going ever on. 

The fact that all students take the 
same path from junior high to high 
school — from Kempsville Jr. High 
to Kempsville High — contributes 
to the unity of "Kempsville" that 
everyone is so proud of. As you look 
through this section you will see the 
people that make up our student body. 
None of them are alike but they all 
share a certain pride in being a part of 

16 / People 

CLASS OF '86 ... 

^ Linda Adamskie 
Tracv Adkinson 

Pam Agbuya 
'Allison Ainscough 

Art Akers 
Norm Akev 

/Tom Alexander 

Valerie Allen 
Susan Altenhein 
Gina Amato 
Ricky Amos 

Sandv Anderson 
Liz Annet 
Michelle Archuleta 
Michael Armour 
Gianna Artrip 

Thersa Atkins 
Brian Austin 
Nathan Austin 
>1kSuzie Azar 
Dawn BaiJev 

It seems hard to believe that our last year at 
KJHS has passed by so quickly. Some of us 
started junior high in seventh grade and some 
in the eighth, but this mattered little when we 
came together as one class — The class of '86. 

The Freshmen have led the student body of 
KJHS with spirit and pride. The year was 
very successful with the majority of the class 
participating in numerous school activities. 
When the year came to a final and sad close, 
many of us were lost and left idle without club 
meetings, band practice, and sports events to 

Though it may be difficult, we must now 
realize mat it is time to move on. Attending 
KJHS has become a vital part of our lives and 
it will be hard to accept something new. Be- 
coming sophomores at a new school and 
adapting to unfamiliar surroundings will put 
us at the bottom of the ladder once again. 

As we look forward to moving on, we will 
never leave behind the memories made at 

Ik .m 


i . m 

18 / People 



Nat Bailey 
Maryann Baiocco 
Karen Baker 
Leanna Balsley 
Brian Banks 

i-Stephanie BannevicH* 
+Joe Bannister* 

Laura Barboo 
Danny Barham 
Tara Baker 

Chris Barnardj( 

Allen Barnes 
Denise Barnes 
James Barnes 
Karin Barnes 

jimmy Bartlemay 
Tara Barton 
Stephanie Bates 
Betn Beaney 
Todd Beck 

Bill Becker 
Beth Bell 

Brod Bello 
Cristal Bennatt 

Scott Bennett 
Mark Beshirs 

People / 19 

Megan Bickerstaff 
Patricia Black 
William Blackburn 
Brian Blackman 
Ed Blair 

^manda Blake 

Lawrence Bland 
'ieev Blount 
)4^andy Boe 

Wendy Bolte 



. Jl 

r ^ 


Tami Bone 
Renay Boone 
Lauren Booth 
Amy Bordy 
Caroline Bowe 

Charles Bowers 
Rebecca Boyette 
Rob Boyle 
Alvin Boynton 
Eric Braun 


Joe Briggs 
April Bnnn 
"f^'fLoh Britten 
Jason Brockman 
Doug Brooks 

David Brown 
David Brown 
Diane Brown 
Missy Brown 
Patrick Brown 

Teresa Bryan 
Kristin Bryant 
Jack Buchanan 
, J Steve Buckner 
r^>Cathy Bukovac 




20 / People 





Brad Burch 
/Amy Burcham 
Jean Burlamachi 
Laura Bums 
Rod Bums 

^teve Butcher 
Tommy Cain 
Benji Caldwell 
Pam Campbell 
Nancy Campbell 

Cara Cannon 
Billy Cannon 
Bobby Carmine 
Melissa Carothers 
y^Amy Carpenter 







Laurie Carpenter 
Tina Carpenter 
Jimmy Carr 
Kathleen Can- 
Robert Carriker 

Sharon Caskey 
Ronald Castenda 
Matt Chapmen 
Jeff Chappelle 
Karen Cnasse 

Thanh Chau 
Karen Chaves 
H/^Mie Chittum 
Mac Church 
Reggie Clarr 

Julie Clark 
Regina Clark 
Elizabeth Clark 
)«obby Clarke 
Kim Clemons 

People / 21 

Lydia Cockey 
Claiborne Cofer 
Ronald Cofer 
Melanie Coffey 
Jeff Cohen 

Sean Cohen 
La Tanya Coleman 
Susan Coley 
Tom Colucci 
Donna Colvin 

Matt Comerford 
Darrell Compton 
Ronny Concepion 

Jared Conley 
Tina Conrad 
Henry Cook 

Patty Cooper 
Elizabeth Cowan 
Regina Creek 

Frank Cross 
AMark Cross ■ 

Robelei Cruz 
\Kim CuUen 

Christine Cummings 

Michelle Curran 
Michelle Daikos 
Lisa Dana 
JoAnn Danganan 
Lori Daughtery 


! ) 



22 / People 

■ i 



Amy Davis 
Pete DeAngelo 
Barbara Deblaker 
^evin Deegan 
Jay Dejesus 

Marc Dejesus 
Nina Dejesus 
Jim DelGauder 
Julian Deluna 
Cheri Dewberry 

1 ^ 

Charles DiMarco 
Mike Dimmer 

Debbie Dolin 
Michelle Dorland 

)C Jeff Douglas 

Thomas Dov 


Is^Wendv Dovie 
jit>^obvri Dunba^^'"^'^. 

Holly Duncan 

Bryan Dunn 
^Michael Dunn 

Dee Dee Dupuis 
Chris Durand 
Samantha Durkee 
Kim Dumey 
Joann Eades 

People / 23 

Mike Elliot 
Sheri Emerson 
Audrey Emmons 
Simon Eng 
Chris Engel 

Craig Enslin 
Vick? Erb 
Laurie Erny 
Kathy Escucha 
Don Espitia 

Amos Evans 
Mark Evans 
Holly Falch 
Chris Fazio 
Eric Feeney 


i ^ - ^ 

A. _ 




^^^^^^^ / ^^^^ 

TED IN ' ' 

John Faginbaum 
Jeff Fentress 

Jodi Ferrari 
Bobby Fields 

Jeff Fike 

George FUomarino 

Susan Flagg 
Ronald Flatley 



24 / People 


Cyndi Fletcher 
Chris Flint 
Kelly Foltz 
Matt Ford 
Amy Forehand 

Jenni Forrest 
Nicki Fortune 
Keith Foster 
)^ Steve Fowler 
Lonnie Foxwell 

Amy Franklin 
Bruce Franklin 
Jack Freeman 
Sherri Friedman 
Michelle Friend 

Matt Friez 
Debbie Fulkerson 
Tammy Gardner 
Anna Garrison 
Kenny Gatdula 





Elizabeth Geddie 
yXElla George 
Johnny George 
Lisa Gibson 
Christen GUbert 


^ / 

David GUbert 
Nedra Gilchrist 
^ -^9 Coleen GUlen 
^ 'y Dante GUmore 
" Robbie Giroux 


L J . 

XLarry Goff 
Zabrina Gonzaga 
BUly Goodwin 

)<&obby Goodwrin 
Christal Gordon 


People / 25 

Ricky Gozum 

Alex Graf 

Adrienne Grant 

Brian Gray 

Suzanne Greene 
Sherry Grice 
-^Cherie Griffith 
Caroline Grubbs 
George Guindon 

Brian Guthrie 
David Guyton 
Chris Haas 
Brian Hadley 
Cheryl Hadley 

Beth Hall , 
Mike HaU*^ 
Brandon Hamilton ^ 
Tina Hamilton 
Robby Hanna 

/ People 

\ V 



Leigh Hannah 
Serena Hannah 

Kip Harbison 
Susan Hardy 

Amy Harrell 
Anne Harrington 

Greg Harris 
Kerrie Harris 
Brian Harrison 
Katina Haslam 
Mark Haynes 


Brian Heath 
Steve Heggan 
Holly Henderson 
Susan Hendricks 
Caroline Hendrix 

Ken Hennesy 
Caroline Henry 
David Henry 
Buddy Hiatt 
)0<!Leigh Higginbothan 

Mike Hilton 
Billy Himchak 
yEvelyn Hobbs 
Page Hobbs 
Doug Hodges 

People / 27 


Jennifer Hodges 
. Michelle Hoiness 
"rSheila Hobday 

Robert Holt 
V\ endv Holter 

Justine Homer 
Chris Homer 
Kyle Horton 
Adrienne Howell 
Rene Howie 


■ > i 


Ke\'in Hudson 
Scott Hufton 
Danny Hughes 
Anna Hugo 
Shawn Hulatt 

Jill Humerick 
Belinda Hurst 
Tve Hutcheson 
N'ed Hux 
Al Igana 





/ri. Robert Jaeques-V 

I' ' Denise James 


, A^Mike Jeffriefe§3 

V ^ ' , Phillip Jenkins 


Jennifer Jenmngs 
Angela Jernigan 

Bonnie Joe 
Chris Johnson 
Missy Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Beth Johnston 


Jeannine Jones 
Joe Jones 
Michelle Jones 
Rebecca Jones 
Tracy Jones 

Chuck Josh 
Marsha Jury 
i^oe Kancso 
Lisa Kanter 
Scott Karr 


... ••■v" 

w w w 






Sharada Katepalli 
Jon Katz 
Chris Keel 
Chris Keel 
Billie N. Keen 

Marjorie Kelly 
Donald Kemp 
Michael Kennedy 
Jimmy Key 
Albert Kim 

Stephanie Kim 
Troy Kingsbury 
Jodi KinsTer 
Robin Koch 
Steve Koeppen 

Mike Kohn 
Tonia Kolantis 
Brenda Kolcum 
Adam Kolodny 
Craig Koschel 

People / 29 

Nancy Kravitz 
Tracy Krieder 


John Labarge 
>ALaura Labyak 

Tung Di Lam 
Donald Lane 


John Langhorne 
James Lapp 

i 1 

Don Larmee 
Tom Lavandowsky 
Jerry Lavely 
Mike Lavander 
Clifton Lee 

Laura Lee 
Luray Lehmann 
^J.J. Leonard ' 
Jeff Lister 
Nikki Livas 

Carrie Loflin 
Tim Lovelace 
Dawne Lovelady 
Lance Lovelady 
Brad Lownsbury 



\ ■" ■ 


30 / People 


Michelle Lowry 
Brent Lumpkin 

Patrick Lynn 
Tammy Lynn 

Jim Lytle 

Christine Mabry 

Doug Macdonald 
Michelle Mackay 
j(|ulie Mackintire 


■ ,j 

Dina Magno 
Maureen Maher 
Caesar Mamplata 
Jeff Mandel 
Marlene Mangosing 

Laura Mann 
Kevin Marcum 
Robin Markland 

■yMatt Marquedant 

^ohn Martin 

Kara Martin 
Kim Martineau 
John Mason 
Rebecca Matney 
Anita Mathews 

People / 31 

Tammy Matuck 
Heather Maxwell 
Kimberly Matse 
Keith McBride 
Karen McCabe 

Kathleen McCabe 

Kyle McAfee 
Dianna McCloud 
Eric McDonnell 
Matt McGregor 

Diane McGuire 
Laura McLaughlin 
Shannon McMakin 
Joe McNulty 
Wendy McVey 

Gary Middleton 
Anna Miller 
Lem Miller 
Leslie Miller 
Michael Miller^ 


ml ' ' 




Tim Miller 
Pam Millhouse 
Eric MUIiken 
Mike Mizal 
Beth Moore 

Felisicia Moore 
John Moore 
Sheran Moore 
Billy Moore 
Thomas Moore 

Theresa Morean 
Dennis Morris 
Chuck Morrison 
Lauren Morrison 
Jenny Morse 





1 i- r 

32 / People 




John Mesteller 
Gary Moyer 
Eileen Mullaly 
Juan Mungo 
XTracie Murden 

Jenny Muqjhy 
Leslie Murray 
Stacy Musich 
Valerie Myers 
Susan Newbold 

Laura Newby 
Shirley Newcomb 
Chris Newton 
Jerry Ng 
Michael Nixon 

Gena Noggle 
Pam Noguerola 
Christy Norman 
)(Tanuny Norris 

Kathy Norton 



' .1 

W ' ' 

Sean O'Neil 
Marichu Ocampo 
Sean Olah 
Peter Omberg 
Tony Orlando 

Jenna Ostberg 
Steve Owens 
yrheresa Owens 
Randy Padilla 
Lynn Painter 

)UDan Palermo 

Perry Pascual 
Debbie Patterson 
Kim Patterson 
James Pearson 

People / 33 

Edward Pelina 
Tony Pellegra 
Beth Permenter 
Valerie Perrault 
Wendy Perry 

Nikki Petrauskis 
Craig Petrie 
Heatner Petry 
Mark Pezzella 
Bret Phillips 

Mike Phillips 
Mellisa Pierce 
Randy Pierce 
Reed Pierce 
Aristotle Pineda 

Elisa Placides 
Henry Pogorzelski 
"K>Lynn Pontillo 
NIancy Porter 
Jackie Powell 




"I^Sandy Powell 

Caroline Power 

Vanessa Preston 
David Pributsky 

J Cil Kim Price 
(\y David Pricenski'^ 

34 / People 


» ( 



Chrissy Prince 
Suzanne Quillin 
Damienne Quinlan 
Susie Raiter 
Blain Ramey 

Dale Rankin 
Shelley Rankin 
Mary Rary 
Dean Ravizzo 
"KCathy Redavid 

Robert Reece 
Jaki Reid 
David Reid 
Xj.R. Reid 
Ernest Retikis 

Sherri Reynolds 
•^yBeth Rice 
Karen Rich 
Beth Richardson 
Tracy Riedel 





\ 7 ' 

Calin Riffle 
Rick Riley 
Donna Ringer 


Robin Robinson 

Martha Roche 
Steve Romine 
Lenoa Rondera 

Jennifer Ross 
John Rov-t- 
Debby Rozos+ 
Michelle Rubin 
Charlie Ruchleman 

Lisette Ruiri»> 

Michael Rumore 
Sharon Ruppe . „ 
p Susan Ruppe -J^^ ^ 
\ James Russell ' ' 

Gerr\' Rutledge 
Stacy Sadler 
Terri Sadler 
Salbert Salang 
Susan Sams 

Debbie Sargent 
Mechille Sarage 
Trina Sawyer 
Kim Sawyer 
Daniel Scnumbrecht 


f^!! If 

Tony Schwartztrauber 
Kelley Scoby-^ 

Craig Scott 
Suzanne Scott 

Charita Selden 
Tom Sewell 

36 / People 



i Tf 


Ali Shabazz 
Wendy Shackelford 
Tracy Shank 
Eric Shapiro 
Jennifer Sheppard 

Mike Sheppard 

Piracy Shields ^ ji a ^ ' 
XJohn ShourdsX-SE^P 

Frances Siebert 
Mitzi Siebold 


Sam Sifford 
Pat Sigler 
N4ichelle Silva 
Julie Simmons 
Joel Singson 



Pam Skottegaard 
Monique Slagle 
Anne Slaughter 
Amy Smith 
Andrew Smith 

Christy Smith 
Kelly Smith 
Kelly Smith 
Lisa Smith 
Nancy Smith 

Allison Smith 
Patricia Smock 
Cheryl Snow 
XMichelle Snitkis 

Todd Soady 

Richard Soelburg 
Nancy Sorenson 
Patty Spade 
Daphne Spain 
Charlie Speraman 

Lisa SpUka 
Anna Sprague 
Jeff Sprague 
Jill Springer 
Tracy Spruill 

■^Karey Staehling 
Mike Stanford 
Angelia Staples 
Marcy Starling 
Davdd Staub 

Brad Stephens 
Greg Stephens ^ 
John Stevenson 
Ginger Stevenson^- t 
Marc Stewart^ Cp^^i^' 

Christi Stoddart 
Keith Stokes 
Billy Storm 
Steve Strapec 
David Stubbs 

^ - 





Jimmy Sung 
Denise Swear((. 
Patricia Sweeney 
Elizabeth Taggart 
SheUy Tate 

Debbie Tatem^^ 
Robin Taylor 
Barrie Teach'f 
Paul Tewey"*.i^ 
Kim Theriault 

Teresa Ann Thomas 
Karen Thomason 
Heather Thompson 
Aminda Thorton 
Karin Thornton 


38 / People 

. 1 

John Thousand 
Kenji Toida 
My Iran 
Steve Traylor 
Kristie Tretheway 

John Tripp 
James Tucker 
Tracye Turner 
James Tynes 
/.Laurie Underhill 

Ricky Uyhelyi 
Paula Vaiden 
Jerome VanOekel 
Debby VanSaun 
Anete Vasquez 


» 1 

'J ■ 

Shannon Vaughan 
Christine Viemes 
. Steve Walck ^ ^ 
ik Carol Wales 
Andy Walker*^'**^ 

William WaU 
Sheri Wallace 
Lee Wallace 
Angela Walls 
Terry Walls 

Richard Walsh 
Dana Walton 
Susan Ward 
Wesley Warren 
Cindy Watkins 

Andrea Watson 
John Weaver 
Theresa Webber 
Tom Webber 
Jeff Weeks 

Shannon Weeks 

Julie Weinstein 

Dana Weittenhiller 

Fred Weldon 

Danny Wells 
Jeff Welsh 
■Vlina Wendt 
Kent Werner 
Wendi Wesberry 

Mike Wessel 
^ V-^Mark WeygancJt 
Kathryn Whitby 
Carolyn White 
~^orman White 

Ronda Whitley 
A Mike Wiechman 
Robert Wildermuth 
Robin WUkinson 
Darryl Williams 

40 / People 


Libby Williams 
Bobby Wilson 

Robert Wilson 
Robert Wilson 


\ ■ - 



Tim Winchester 
Matt Winston 

T pich \A/icp 

LiClill 1 TV LSsZ 

Mork Witmer 
Melissa Womack 
Carmen Wood 
Chuck Wood 

{ ) 


X Keith Wood 

Valorie Woods 
Robin Woolard 
Steve Woolridge 
John Workman 

Steve Worrel 
Tim Worst 
)^Lori Wright 
Tracy Wright 
Lynda Wunsch 

Darla Yamada 
Charles Yancey 
Julie Young 
Kim Young 
Kim Zicafoose 

People / 41 

• • • • 



Steve AbourjUie 
Cecilia Acosta 
Mark Adams 

Michael Adams 
Jeff Adkins 
Pinky Agbuya 

Sheri Alford 
Christine Ahem 
Jeny Alexander"^ 

Shara Alkov 
Cindy Allen 
Tommy Allen 




if - i 

Frank Aimer 
Tina Ambrose 
Meg Anderson 
Ken Andes 
Cynthia Ange 
Elaine Antonio 
Aileen Arcilla 

Linda Armond'i>^V 

Brandi Armstrong 
Shane Arnold 
Brian Aschkenas 
Tammy Ashley 
Michelle Askew 
Andrew Aycock 

Queenie Azar 
Andrea Baily 
Barbara BaUy 
Marcel Baker 
Melinda Baker 
PUchard Baker 
Beverly Ball 

Lori Ballance 
Ken Banworth 
Nathan Bardsley 
Michelle Bamaby 
Baine Basnight 
Cassell Bass 
^■«|.Ray Beacham 


Time and time again during the school 
year, the eighth graders at KIHSplayed a key 
role in developing Brave pride and spirit. 
Whether studying in the library, participat- 
ing in a variety of classroom activities, work- 
ing hard on a practice field, marching in the 
band, or attending a club meeting, we met the 
challenge of demonstrating our abilities and 
enthusiasm to everyone at our school. 

This was the first year that the class of '87 
attended school together. The majority of the 
class came from Kemps Landing to join the 
group of students who attended KJHS in the 
seventh grade. The two groups began to func- 
tion as one, and the eighth graders began to 
share a unique combination of abilities and 
interests with their teachers and fellow stu- 
dents. We were involved in student life and 
had a very good year in the middle. 

As the 1982-'83 year comes to an end, the 
class of '87 can look back on a very successful 
year. It was a time to develop pride in our 
class and to look forward to 1983-84: — when 
there would be time again to show that 
Kempsville Braves are #i. 

42 / People 






i s 

* i 



V - 


Andrew Beamon 
Pam Beard 
Brad Beck 
Jodi Beland 
Keisha Bennett 
Laura Bennett 
Ernette Benson 


Mike Benson 
Cheryl Bergen 
Dani Berger 
Jeff Bergstedt 
Sheri Berkowitz 
Glenn Bertoline 
Geff Berte 

Chip Birdsong 
y.Terri Blair 

Robert Blake 
Vicky Blake 
Julie Blancher 
Phyllis Blood 
Richard Bojo 

Roland Bombase 
Stacey Bondurant 
Grant Bookhultz 
Jeff Boone 
Nancy Booth 
y Charlie Boone 
Jay Boyd 


V i 

Jon Boyd 
Brian Boyle 
Jane Bracken 
Scott Brandon 
Jimmy Brann 
Jackie Brewer 
Billy Brewster 



Nancy Brink 
Amy Brinn 
Jennifer Brock 

Carri Brooks 
Jace Brooks 
Denise Brookshire 

Angela Brown 
David Brown 
Dianne Brown 

Gina Brown 
Mike Brown 
Robert Brown 

People / 43 

Colby Bryant 
Stacie Burch 
Bonnie Burns 
Tab Burns 
Vickie Bushey 
Shelly Butler 
Blaine Bynum 


Casey Caffee 
Lisa Caldwell 
Larcn Camina 
Cindy Camp 
James Carlo 
Paul Carlton 
Nancy Corollo 




Hillary Carothers 
Michelle Carroll 
Terry Carstensen 
Marshall Carter 
Ruth Carter 
Lee Cartwright 
Garnett Casey 



Eric Castaneda 
Brian Castles 
Mike Cerrone 
Alon/n ChamHli<i<5 
Tracy Childers 
Erica Chovitz 
Willis Christopher 

Lara Church"^ 
Jason Ciccone 
Liz Clark 
Glenda Clark 
Kevin Clark 
Richard Clark 
Michelle Clayton 

Brian Clifton 
Laura Cluverius 
Eric Cohen 

Katie Collins 
Steve Collins 
Billy Comess 

Renee Comstock 
Laura Connolly 
Loma Contreras 

Charles Conway 
Wesley Coons 
Bobby Cooper 


■ 1 

44 / People 






Chris Copeland 
Stephanie Copeland 
Michael Copes 
Sandra Cote 
Melissa Cottrell 
John Cowan 
yi(Buddy Cox 

Mike Coyne 
Mike Coyne 
Debbie Creamer 
Heather Cree 
Daryl Cross 
Julie Cross 
Patrick Cummings 

Joni Danganan 
Michael Daniels 
Nancy Daniels 
Skip Danielson 
Brian Darrah 
Clyde Data 
Brad Daves 

Dean Davidson 
Glen Davis 
Chad Dejesus 
Mat Deal 
Lisa Dean 
Julie DeAngelo 
Lisa Deel 

Scott Deik 

Jon Demaio 
pCJean DeMartino 

Stephanie Demma 
A Joe Dennie cuv-i^^ 

Jenni Derring 

Josh Diamond 

• f )!^Davina Dickerson 

~. Dionne Dickerson 

Scott Dieudonne 

Donald Dilday 
Stanley Doming 
Leigh Dotson 

Victoria Double 
Darlene Dowdy 
Lynn Downey 

Keri Downs 
Brad Doyle 
Laura Drake 

Timmy Drake 
Leslie Drewry 
Mike Pullaghan 
Debbie Duncan 

Wayne Duncan 
Plicnard Dwyer 
Patrick Early 
Brian Eaton 

Tony Echea 
Greg Edwards 
Heather Edwards 
Jennifer Edwards 

Amy Eicholtz 
Beth Eley 
Lori Engebretsen 
Mary Escjuerra 
Troy Espinoza 
Jim Evans 
Scot Fairchild 

Steven Paris >^ 
•"iJeff FeUers 
Amy Fensha 
Greg Fischer 
Kerrie Fischer 
Trip Fitch 
Christi Flint 

Geraldine Flores 
Jay Fodrie 
I.B. Fotik 
Eddie Foley 
Todd Foote 
Jeff Forbes 
Larr)' Forbes 

Troy Ford 
Cheryl Foster 
JoAnn Fowler 
Rick Fowler 
Todd Freeburg 
Karen Prey 
Debbie Fried 

Shep Fruit 
Sharon Fulgham 
/Melissa Futrell 
"TSDawn Garabedian 
Scott Garrard 
Mylinda Garrett 
Kathy Gautier 

'^•Martin George 

Robert George 
Satinder Gill 
Danny Girard 
Robert Glass 
Alex Gordon 
Heather Gordon 


k kit ^ 


r . 








- 1 

L . 1 

f ' 




46 / People 

N - r 








^ 1 
^^^^ ^ 

Roy Gozum 
Heather Gray 
Michael Greenburg 
Steve Greerie 

Mike Gregory 
Mark Griffeth 
Dana Grizzard 
Jennifer Gross 

Heather Grow 
Leslie Grunberg 
Jennifer Guindon 
Bobby Gunther 

Lauri Guyton 
David Hadley 
Steve Hajaz 
Glen Hall 
Chris Hall 
Kevin Hamlett 
Bryan Hammond 

Cindy Hammonds 
Amber Hampel 
Tim Hannah 
Susan Hargroves 
Tim Harold 
Ellie Harrell 
Darryl Harris 

Kristen Harris 
Jennifer Harrison 
Todd Harrison 
David Harry 
Kristen Hastings 
Greg Hatcher 
Paige Hawkins 

Beth Haynes 
Russ Heath 
Lori Hehl 
Jimmy Hein 
Anna Heins 
Kirsten Helbig 
Beth Hendricks 

Jennifer Hennessey 
Michelle Henz 
Tammy Hermann 
Jeff Hill 
Monty Hilliard 
Michelle Hirtz 
Susan Hodges 

Linda Holbert 
/Cathy Holian 

Chris Holian 
Chris Holland 
Jennifer Hoover 
Lisa Horsch 
Bonnie Howland 

People / 47 

KeUy Hufton 
Sheny Hufton 
Todd Hughes 

Mike Hunt 
Beau Hunt 
Michele Hunter 

Donna Hutcheson 
Tracy Hutcheson^ 
Philip Hux 

Wendy Hyltorr^>^ 
Dawn Infantino 
Amy Ingram 

Chris Ivey"^ 
Hilary Jaffe 
Phillip Jame9||t 

Kirk Jensen 
Ronnie Jimenez 
Sean Jiminez 
Kelly Johnson 
Michael Johnson 
Darnell JonesV O-r jO^ 
Don Jones "-^^ 

Jeff Jones 
Kevin Jones 
Darryl Jordan 
Jill Jordan 
Michelle Joseph 
April Joynes 
Cooper Joynes 

Mike Kaba 
Nicole Kazmarcyk 
SheUy Kadlec 
Jason Kahara 
Franchesca Kammerer 
Jenny Katz 
Melissa Keen 

Debbie Keenan 
Keith KeUey 
Ken KeUey 
Kevin Kelley 
Lisa KeUy 
Shawn Kelly 
Tina Kelly 




" t 

./ f 





^^^^^ '^^^^E 


> ■ 



48 / People 







< - ■ 






Billy Kemp 

Mary Key 
Barry Kirschner 
Karyn Klauss 

Tricia Klein 
Tedi Kohinke 
/ Scott Kuschel 

Suzie Krebs 

Don Krehely 
John Kuhl 
Paul Kumpf 
Brian LamWrt 

Gerald Lake 
V Robert Lafond 
Corey Labasky 
Jeff Lynn 

John Lynch 
Frank Lynch 
yEddie Lyle 
John Luppens 

Matt Luckman 
Robyn Lowe 
Rene Lowe 
Susan Lohr 
Dean Lohr 
Michelle Little 
■^(Mark Lister 

Wendy Libbey 
Mark Levy 
Kim Lesh 
Melissa Leonard 
Chris Leonard 
Mark Leonard 
Paige Legum 

/JPtnge Lee 

Kim Leary 
Troy Leach 
Richard Lawrence 
Liz Lauer 
Ray Larsson 
Chris Larson 

Nemo Larmore 
Kristen Langkhecht 
Sharon Langhome 
Dana Lane 
Amy Lane 
Renee Larmoureux 
Mary Ellen Mackay 

People / 49 

Danielle Mack 
Beth Madison 
Ronnie Madison 
Betty Malpass 
Aileen Mand 
Arne Mantta 
Christine Mardis 

Kim Marsh 
Bobby Martin 
Victor Martin 
Rodney Maschinot 
Cathie Mason 
Stave Matney 
Karen Matyas 

David Maull 
Mike Maume 
Alicia May 
John May 
Brian Mayer 
Mike McCall 
John McClaren 

Kelly McCluney 
Trip McCord 
Scott McCormick 
Darren McCoy 
Mark McCracken 
Donna McDaniel 
Harold McDuffie 



« . 

i .1 

/ y 


Linda McEntire 
Janice McGregor 
Sabrina Mcle 
Susan Mclntyre 
John McKay 
LeDonna McKee 
Christie McPartland 

Dwayne McPherson 
Sean McWilliams 
Danielle Meads 
Yvonne MerkeH'V 
Teddy Midkiff 
Janet Miles 
Emilie Miller 

Jon Miller 
Misty Miller 
Belle Miller 
Terri Miller 
Mark Mills 
Greg Mitchell 
Lee Mitchell 

Michele Mixner 
Joe Mizal 
Brian Mizelle 
Danni Mock 
Jerry Mollura 
David Monk 
Eric Moore 

Kim Morgan 
Jenean Moriarty 
Christy MorroM^ej^ 
Donald Moss 
Lynelle Munden 
Valerie Mote 

50 / People 

Pilar Munoz 
Seana Murphy 
Deanna Murray 
Lauren Murray 
Chris Muse 
Brian Myers 

Michele Myers 
Scott Myers 
David Nadeau 
Steven Natole 
Jenny Naujoks 
Laura Neighbors 
Mike Nelson 

Sherry Nicely 
Nancy Nichael 
Chris Nolan 
Dawn Norton 
Eric Nowitzky 
Britt Louise Oberg 
Heidi Oberndorf 

Donna Oldfield 
Tracy Oliver 
Christine Olson 
Gerri Page 
Kristen Palmer 
Rena Paragas 
Heath Parker 



r 1 

< ' ' ' 



Susan Parker 
Les Parlette 
David Parish 
Scott Parish 
Mike Parsons 
Molly Patrick 
Debbie Patterson 

Robert Payne 
Carrie Pearson 
Stacey Pelfrey 
Angie Perrotta 
John Perry 
Kim Perry- 
Suzanne Pester 

Richie Pettruny 
Mike Pezzella 
Andy Philbrick 
Beverly Picache 
yCreg I*ieno 
Chns Pierce 
Glen Pierce 

Kim Pinar 
Bruce Pitts 
Theresa Platte 
Alien Pogorzelski 
Tina Popperwill 
Chris Porter 
Matt Poteat 

Kim Poulter 
Charles Powell 
Cheryl Powell 
Maria Pratsi 
Don Presto 
Maria Primavera 

People / 51 

David Pritchard 
Judv Pritchard 
Roti Pr\ or 
Phillip Quillin 
Adam Rabinowitz 
Eric Rait 
Mike Rankin 

Dawn Ransdell 
Lisa Raper 
Stacev Kawls 
Genie Raynor 
Anna Rees 
Donna Reid 
Jackie Reid 

Richard RemiUard 
Debbie Remv 
Todd Reulbach 
Aaron Reynolds 
Alex Rhode 
Mark Rhode 
Judy Rhodes 

Shelagh Rhodes 
Mark Richards 
Anna Richardson 
Raelynn Richardson 

George Ridgwell 
Shannon Riggan 
Rex Rilev 
Monica Hill 

Kelli Riordan 
John Rivera 
Michelle Roberson 
Whitnev Roberts 

John Robinson 
Lisa Ronan 
Brenda Rose 
Karen Rossi 









i ^ 

1 A . 




V ^ * * " ^-^ ** c 

: ''•aiil* • ■•Sift 




Larry Rothwell 

Mark Rountree 
Paul Rov 
Kelli Rubin 
. Kathv Rudiger 
*'\vVCatherine Ruppe 
L\Tin Rushing 







Robert Russel 
Chris Rustchak 
Dinno Salang 
GUbert Salang 
Scot Sanders 
WMark Saunders 
Kristine Sawyer 


52 / People 






- r 

\ \* 










Lynn Sawyer 
David Scherrer 
Eric Schneider 
Bob Schneider 
Brandi Schober 
Brian Schofield 
Jamie Schuler 

John Schulte 
Judy Schwartztrauber 
Glenn Schwartz 
Joey Schwarzschild 
Carolyn Scott 
Jennifer Scott 
Donna Seehorn 

Cindy Seiig 
Jennifer Shannon 
Sandy Sharp 
Cyncly Sheiton 
Leah Sheiton 
Ajanet Sherman vi 
)U<im Sherman y 

Caryn Sherwood 
Tiffany Shield 
David Shourds 

Richard Siegal 
Erik SUseth 
Angela Simmons 

Margaret Simmons 
Annette Sims 
Jennifer Singson 

Danielle Sinsabaugh 
Laurie Sipe 
Sven Skelenger 

Dennis Skiffington 
Jody Slater 
Donna Sloan 
Darcy Slupek 
X Beverly Smith 
Brian Smith 
Dean Smith 

Beth Smith 
Jean Smith 
Jennifer Smith 
Marty Smith 
Melanie Smith 
Melissa Smith 
Mirian Smith 

People / 53 

Debbie Snapp 
Susan So uet* 
Kenneth Sooy 

David Sorey 
Deanna Sproul 
Court Staff 

Samantha Stair 
Lori Stanley 
Melanie Stauch 

Billy Stephenson 
Eric Stover 
Sandra Strange 

Debbie Summerfield 
Eric Sutherland 
Carl Sutton 
Robbie Sutton 
Jim Swain 
Joni Swanberg 
Debbie Swanner 

Gary Swear 
Dawn Swindell 
Steve Swinson 
Matt Swoope 
Chris Swyers 
Krista Sykes 
Melissa Takacs 

David Tardif 
Mike Taylor 
Mitchell Taylor 
Paige Teal 
Joey Tennis 
Perey Tescro 
Linda Thaeler 

Mark Thebeau 
Julie Thomas 
Craig Thompson 
Gina Thornton 
Mike Tillman 
Debbie Tinkler 
Tommy Tomlinson 

Joelle Tonkovich 
Paul Trindad 
Robin Tripp 
Rachel Trudell 
Morgan Trueblood 
Tim Tunstill'"^. 
Bobby Turlin 



ff { 

, ) 


^ f-1 

V V; 



54 / People 




V 1 




1 r 



y Pierre Turner 

Laura Valade 
Kim Vareo 
Rebecca Vaughan 

Alan Veek 
Roland Ventura 
Heidi Voelkel 
Chris Vytlacil 

Andy Waldron 
Jennifer Wallace 
Astrid Wallnoeferf. 
Julie Walsh 

Jim Waraksa 
Shannon Ward 
Bo Watkins 
Tracy Watkins 

^ike Watts 

Stephen Watts 
<j(Steve Weaver 
/Teresa Webb 




1 .J 

Nicole Weigand 
Carl Welch 
Laura Wells 
Anthony West 
Bill West 
Robert Wheeler 
Elizabeth Whitby 

Anne White 
Anne-Marie White 
Buddy Whitehurst 
Eric Whiteman 
Dina Whorton 
Tommy WUdermuth 
Brent Willard 

Jimmy Williams 
Kelly WUliams 
Rick Wilson 
iCeorge Winbome 
Jay Wokott 
Julie WoUin 
Beth Wood-f«.*- 

Tara Wood»'»T 

Matt Worley 
Kim Worrell 
Michelle WorrellXX 
Tracy Wright 
Matt Zach 
Tern Zano 

People / 55 

CLASS OF '88 .... 

Shawn Adcock 
Christine Augustine 
Thomas Allen 

Chris Appell 

0;irrpn ArW 

Heidi Alkinson 

Donnie Austin 

iJnnnip AhqHti 
Lyo 1 1 1 Licr Us 111 i 

Mat Bailey 

- w 

Stephen Bailey 
Katnerine Balmaceda 
Judy Bardsley 

The c/flss 0/ '58 enfereif f/ie /ifl//s of KJHS 
for the first time in September. Most of us 
began to look forward to the "first day" when 
we received our schedules in mid-August. 
When the first day finally rolled arouna, the 
fear of not being accepted at a much larger and 
unfamiliar school was present in all of our 

As our first few days at KJHS passed by, we 
realized how different junior high was from 
any other school we had ever attended, this 
was the first time we were left on our own and 
given freedom which allowed us to grow and 
become more responsible. This new indepen- 
dence was a pleasant surprise for all of us, so 
we were able to adapt to seventh grade life 
with ease. 

Though most of the year we were busy just 
observing the different ways of life at junior 
high, we did begin getting involved in activi- 
ties outside of our classes. Despite the fact 
that many of us were afraid to become in- 
volved too quickly, we gained experience in 
classes, activities, and sports; and began set- 
ting goals and priorities for the future. Build- 
ing on everything we have learned this year, 
we can look forward to two more years of 
^ success at KJHS. 

Jeanine Barker 
David Barrett 
Kellie Barlett 
Ronnie Baxter 
Jimmy Beaney 
Chad Beaver 
Steve Becraft 

Dean Belcher 
Kathy Berube 
Steve Blevins 
Jenny Bond 
Shannon Bookhultz 
Craig Brinn 
Julie Broderick 

Alexis Brown 
Laura Brown 
Richard Bryant 
Robert Brvant 
Katy Buffington 
Jennifer Bunch 
Josef Burgstaller 

David Burnett 
Matthew Butler 
Anna Carpenter 
Kim Chapman 
Kara ChappeU 
Myong Cnong 
Andy Clements 

1 >^ ' ^ 

i 4 




^ at 




56 / People 

1 I *v 

5 r 

■IciSQ .... 

, ^ r> f5 f } 

ML V ^r^T^ 




Tammy Coffey 
Heatheer Comer 
Karen Costello 
Bobby Cousins 
John Craig 
Heather Crawford 
Brian Curran 

Jwel Davis 
Trip Day 
Dennis DeBobes 
loeile DelGuardio 
Kelly DeLaney 
Barbara Delullo 
Amy DeRocher 

Darren Dick 
Debra Dilday 
rimmy Dodge 
Stella Domingo 
Jennifer Dow 
Karen Durand 
Kathleen Early 

Bill Eason 
Holly Eger 
Michelle Ellis 
Syephanie Evans 
Mike Fairchild 
Amy Faville 
Eric Feldman 

Scott Fidler 
Jack Filer 
Chris Fischer 
Stacy Flint 
Aldrich Flores 
Jerome Flores 
Karyn Fried 

Rudilita Fronda 
Jonathan Fussell 
Lourdes George 

John Giger 
Shana Gilbert 
Lori Gladstone 

Paulo Gonzaga 
Stephen Glick 
Jeff Goodove 

Kate Goodwin 
Kerry Grisson 
Rob iTarrison 

People / 57 

Rachel Haverson 
Otto Hecht 
Ladianne Handerson 
Holly Hewitt 
Patrick Hilton 
Derek Hinds 
Trade Hines 

Scott Holcombe 
Kirk Horton 
Robert Houser 
"^Aimee Hunt 
Shawn Jackson 
David Jacobi 
Sarah Jafarace 

Holly Johnson 
Chris Joyner 
Michelle Igana 
Anne Keen 
Susan Keen 
Jennifer Keenliside 
Christipher Kepler 

Jennifer King 
Leslie Knickerbocker 
Ed Kohinke 
Erin Larmee 

David Lavely 
Vernon Lawson 
Kevin Lee 
Shelley LeGeyt 

Lisa Leeum 
Robert Lorkiwiez 
Scott Lyons 
Laurie Ivlacneill 

Penny Magno 
Kevin Maher 
Andy Mann 
Steven Mansfield 

Marc Markham 
Tricia McBride 
Jamie McCart 
Julie McCormick 
Craig McDonnell 
■^^ruta Mcintosh 
Catherine McKay 

Mark McKinney 
Christine McNamee 
Emory Miller 
Laurie Miller 
Doug Morris 
Anne Moyer 
Ariana Myers 

tf ■ ■ 





f ' 

1 \ 1 

^ If 





r VI 





> 4 


, Am 

58 / People 


'A ^ 




\ \ 





f : 







Paula Myers 
Todd Newton 
Sheila Obleada 
Janet Oh 
Dawn Olmstead 
Jeff Ortega 
Tina Pape 

Charles Payne 
Cheri Peele 
Steve Peeples 
Adrianne Pennington 
Nikki Pieno 
Jennifer Pisapio 
Aaron Pomeranz 

Pam Power 
Freddie Price 
Meyon Puent 
Kevin Quirk 
Chip Remian 
Mike Ringer 
Jim Roberts 

Thomas Robinson 
Reginald Rodgers 
Steven Rothman 

Lisa Royer 
Mark Russell 
Mike Ryan 

Beth Salomonsky 
Charles Sanford 
Chris Schnaars 

Jennifer Schnurr 
Noah Schuster 
Simon Scott 

Billy Ray Seal 
Alice Shen 
Theresa Siegrist 
Janelle Smirk 
Brad Smith 
Brian Smith 
Eric Smith 

Jeff Smith 
Lynessa Smith 
Patricia Smith 
Robert Smith 
Tim Soady 
Karl SoUberger 
Kurt SoUberger 

People / 59 

Lance Spence 
Amy Spilka 
Sharon Spitalney 
Amy Sprague 
Reeid Stepfek 
Ricky Stein 
Billy Stemple 

Billy Stewart 
Pam Stoudt 
Kari Stubbs 
Matt Sutherland 
Mike Sweet 
Cindy Sykes 
Kim Szaranos 

WUson Szeto 
Louise Telford 
Da\'id Terray 
Akika Toida 
Kimberly Tolhurst 
Mike Turner 
Chris Tuttle 

Tracey Tynes 
Trina Underbill 
Penny Valentine 
Robert Vallejo 
Tamara Veirs 
Mark Viemes 
Chad Vincelette 

Kelli Virostek 
Nancy Walker 
Andv Wallace 
Keith Ward 
Steve Ward 
Mike Warren 
David Watson 

Kristie Weaver 
Jori Weerts 
Matt Wendt 
Doug Wharton 
Chris Whelan 
Steve Wildey 
Amy WLUiarhs 

David WUson 
Angela Wimer 
Barbara Woodworth 

Chris Wright 
Ricky Zagar 
Ricky Zano 


; > 




% - 



S > 

V A » * » • 





- 1 





f 1 

f " 




f 7 



- < 



V - - 



1 1 

Lydia and Al make posters to advertise the 
sale of the '83 Venture. 

60 / People 


Did you sleep late on the morning 
your class picture was supposed to be 
taken? Did you cross your eyes and 
stick out your tongue when con- 
fronted by the camera the fourth time 
your picture was made up? If so, you 
might be a missing person. Even 
though some students have been re- 
ported as missing from the class pic- 
tures section of the yearbook, they 
have been spotted in the halls of KJHS 
taking active and important roles in 
classes of '86, '87, and '88. Therefore, 
this page of the yearbook has been de- 
voted to recognizing them. 

Rodney Thompson 
Robert Wall 
Donald Waskey 
Anthony Wilson 
Todd Young 
Kellie Zimarthie 
Amy Zimmerman X 


Jonathon Andre 
Brian Banks 


Kennith Banwarth 
Michael Chittum 

Robert Antonio 
Michael Baron 
Kimberly Brafford 
Terri Carroll 
Kim Connardf' 
Brooke Donahue 

KlTrni Tirti 1 (yyt fity 
IKllUU LyUUVlLllc 

UtUHilU rtUcfb 7^ 

L/t^nisc ritrninxf' 
I vnn hiatditi 
nciuie nuyyc 

Steve Collins%y[ 
Mark Grubbs 
Phillip James 
Louis Mauney 
Lisa McCormick 
David Palmer 
Carrie Pearson 
Steven Pope 
Kirk Reynolds 
Karin Thortoh^ 
David Whitei 
Lydia White 
Norman White% 

Tommu Muchp'i 

L^^it-iu i^tiiiiyic- 

Jnhti J ntiohnrytp 

lUllll i-iUllYltUI ItC 

vyiiiiutn LMrKins 

QFVPMTT-T r^T? A nirpc: 

I iiuiilub LMUunuowDKy 

hAnrlc hArCZnriHi 

AAirhnpJ TinrH 

CrTPont^j AArC^lnyip 

Inmtip l^nrlcpT 

Crncbl J\Cll\lS 

criL tiux 

Andrew Schroeder 

Donald Harvey 

Suzanne Scott 

Steven Heggen 

William Smith 

Michael Hennessy 

David Staub 

Michelle Roberson 

Julie Thompson 

People / 61 


That is exactly what the staff of 
KJHS is always striving for. They 
have put in a great deal of Hme during 
this year to help students see the light 
at the end of the tunnel and to aid 
them in accomplishing many goals 
and crossing obstacles in their path. 
Not only have students at KJHS ex- 
perienced many frustrating, yet chal- 
lenging moments, but so have the staff 
members. Some days seemed as if they 
would never end — the ones that 
started when they left the day's test in 
the glove compartment and locked the 
keys in the car; and ended when they 
had spent hours slaving over forms 
that seemed not to have even a remote 
relation to students or to teaching. 

As instructors, disciplinaries, and 
often as friends, the staff members 
have helped inspire and push students 
toward excellence. Many faculty 
members served as coaches and club 
sponsors. Recognizing the extreme 
importance of activities outside the 
classroom, these teachers remained at 
school long after classes had ended. 
Many of the staff members at Kemps- 
ville Jr. also realize the importance of 
school spirit and are enthusiastic and 
supportive fans. They are found in the 
crowd at many of the games cheering 
loudly for our team. 

As the year comes to a close, the 
KJHS staff looks back and asks, "Was 
it all worth it?" Then they smile and 
know that it was when they realize 
that there is learning going on here — 
and teaching. In fact, sometimes there 
is teaching by the learners and learn- 
ing by the teachers. This is what it's 
all about. We call it "education." 

62 / Academics 



Cathy Chester 

Health/P.E. 9 
Department Chairman 
Bob Hicks 

Department Chairman 
Football Coach 

Tommy Chowns 

Health/P.E. 9 
Basketball Coach 

Mildred Fowler 

Health/P.E. 8 

Joe Hassell 

Health/P.E. 7,8 
Track Coach 

Sharon |enning s 

Health/P.E. 8,9 
Field Hockey Coach 
Soccer Coach 

Diane Johnson 

Health/P.E. 9 
Gymnastics Coach 
Ronald Stultz 
Health/P.E. 9 
Sarah Taylor 
Health/P.E. 7,8 
Assistant Field Hockey 

Softball Coach 
Tnny Jnj^f^nj 
Health/P.E. 8,9 

At Kempsville Jr. theP.E. department consists of 
ten teachers headed by Mrs. Chester and Mr. 
Hicks. These teachers involve all students at KJHS 
in a program established to service their health and 
physical needs. Each grade level in P.E. offers a 
wide variety of team, individual, and dual sports 
along with tumbling, gymnastics, conditioning, 
and physical fitness activities. The health educa- 
tion units include personal hygiene, prevention 
and control of disease, nutrition, first aid, anatomy 
and physiology of exercise, and drug educaHon. 


Patti Falgiano 
Art, I, II 
Amy Ratliff 

Art i III 

This year the KJHS art department c^SIsts^J 
two teachers with Mrs. Ratliff acting as chairman. 
The art program seeks to aid the student in de- 
veloping a heightened awareness of self, a sensitiv- 
ity to the environment, and an ability to express 
himself visually. Other goals of the department are 
to develop an ability to think creatively, and to help 
students gain a knowledge of cultural heritage. Art 
students complete a variety of projects which are 
often displayed for everyone at KJHS to enjoy and 

64 / Academics 



£t,l..cA^ .^TA-y-^ ,.-^^^»^ 

The English department at KJHS is made up of 
seventeen teachers headed by Miss Bryant, depart- 
ment chairman. There are course offerings in En- 
glish, public speaking, drama, and developmental 
and corrective reading for all levels of ability. En- 
glish courses include literature, monologues, basic 
language skills, and styles and techniques of writ- 
ing. The primary concern of the drama program is 
to provide students with a foundation of basic 
skills and experiences in the performing arts. The 
courses in developmental reading provide stu- 
dents with reading skills necessary to funchon in 
today's society. 



. ' ■ an 

r — 



Jackie Bryant 

English 9 

Department Chairman 

Sandra Berry 

English 7 

Betty Brown 

English 9 

Claire Buffington 

English 8 

James Bulleit 

English 8 

Connie Chrismore 

English 7,8,9 

J ulie Davis 

English 9 

Spirit Club sponsor 

Valerie Hillyer 

English 7 

Louise Minson 

English 8,9 

Penny Reynolds 

English 8 
Reading 7 

Susan Schwab 

English 9 
SCA sponsor 

Marye Thompson 

English 8 

Ramona Young 

English 8,9 
Newspaper sponsor 

Irene Zambas 

Reading 7 


Carolyn Stephensorr' ^ 

Public Speaking, Drama \-\^C0 
Drama Club sponsor <zj-<y^ 

Patsy Cherry » 

Developmental Reading , i9 
Susan Varga 
Developmental Reading 
Forensics sponsor 


Paul Wright 

Department Chairman 

Janet Allen 

Basketball Coach 
Track Coach 

Cindy Enroughty 


Sylvia Garris 


Flags, Rifles, Majorettes 

Theresa Harris 

Crafts Club sponsor 

Terry Teague 

SCLD Aide 

Lorene Johnson 

EH Aide 


Mary Cade 

Reading Resource 

Fredi Morgan 

RRT Aide 

The Special Education Department here at KJHS 
is made up of seven very "special" people. There 
are five teachers along with two full tune aides. Mr. 
Wright holds the position of department head. The 
special education department ranges from 
teaching all subjects to very specialized problem 
areas. This program allows the student to adapt his 
schedule to meet special needs. It helps "lift the 
load" of five or six full time classes. The teachers 
work closely with the student to develop such 
things as survival skills and perceptual skills in- 
cludmg working on personal awareness. Special 
Education is an "intensive skill developmental 
class," which can act as a friend in a time when 
help is what a student needs. 

Reading is fundamental to all areas of leariung. 
Here at KJHS Mrs. Cade is our reading resource 
teacher and is ably aided by Mrs. Morgan. The 
purpose of this program is to develop reading skills 
and to enable the student to apply these skills in 
each of his classes. 

66 / Academics 


The Science department of Kempsville is com- 
posed of ten teachers, with Miss Gaetani acting as 
department chairman. The science course offer- 
ings include life science, physical science, earth 
science, and biology. There are two levels of physi- 
cal and earth science offered in this department to 
provide for the varying abilities of students in these 
areas. All science courses are also laboratory 
oriented to develop laboratory skills and tech- 
niques. Critical thinking, problem solving, and the 
formulation of conclusions are also stressed in 
these courses. 

Joan Gaetani 

~ Physical Science 

Department Chairman 



Suzanne Thompson 

Physical Science 

Myrnell Toney 

Earth Science 
Crafts Club sponsor 

Amanda Wray 

Physical Science 
Yearbook sponsor 
National Junior Honor 
Society sponsor 
Science Club sponsor 

Bobby Adair 

Physical Science 

Robin Bakaysa 

Life Science, Physical 

Norman Benwitz 

Earth Science, Physical 

Baseball Coach 

Mary Gamble 

Physical Science 
Cheerleading sponsor 
Science Club sponsor 

Willa Moore 

Life Science, Physical 

Neil Phelps 


Mtirifi PrmrpjL 

Earth Science 

Caryle Sims 

Earth Science 

Acacttjftfes^/ 67 



Regina Montagna 
Geometn', Algebra I 
Department Chairman 

Mar>' Anderson 

Pre- Algebra, Algebra I 

The mathematics department is staffed by 
twelve teachers and a department chairman, Mrs. 
Montagna. It offers ten courses of varying degrees 
of difficulty to the student body of Kempsville Jr. 
High. The variety of these courses provides the 
opportunity for each student to explore his poten- 
tial and to develop intellectually in mathemahcs 
according to his ability and interests. Many mathe- 
mahcal concepts and skills, such as performing 
arithmetic computations, reading word problems, 
using variables, solving equations, and proving 
theorems are competently taught by our math 

Cheryin Caten 

Math 7, Elementary Algebra 

Ed Dennis 

General Math 9, Algebra 1 

Kathleen Foster 

Pre-Algebra, Math 7 

Carolyn Reyerson 

Algebra 1, Elementary' Algebra 

Lois Shields 


Donald Starbuck 

General Math 8,9 

Dorothy Stephen 

Elementarv' Algebra, General Math 

Catherine Swann 

Basic Math 7,8 

Laura West 

Pre-Algebra, General Math 9 

Audrey Widgeon 

Math 7, Pre-Algebra 

Evelyn Frazier 

General Business 

Mrs. Frazier teaches all of the business classes 
here at Kempsville Jr. The business program offers 
a comprehensive course of study designed to assist 
the student in learning the requirements necessary 
for making career choices. Included in this pro- 
gram are units on, "Our Economical World," 
"How Business Serves the Communitv," "Look- 

ing at Careers," "Being a Wise Consumer," "Prac- 
tical Money Management," "Using Banking Ser- 
vices," "Using Credit Wisely," and, "Understand- 
ing Our Tax System." Business students acHvely 
participate in the Future Business Leaders of 

68 / Academics 


Six teachers comprise the foreign language de- 
partment at KJHS with Mrs. Thomas functioning 
as department head. This department provides 
course offerings in French, German, Latin, and 
Spanish. This program is designed to help stu- 
dents achieve communicative competency in the 
language, and to give the students a view of other 
people and their cultures. First year language 
courses concentrate on developing comprehen- 
sion, correct grammatical usage, and control of the 
sound system of each language. Second year 
courses concentrate on the further development of 
correct speech habits, comprehension and the use 
of basic structures of the language. 

Denise Thomas 

Spanish 1, II 
Department Chairman 

Pam Behrens 

French, I, II 

i Scott Bradshaw 

' German I, II 

^ Joseph Elias 

Latin I, II 

Rob Moody 

Spanish I 

Lynne Reilly 

French I, II; Spanish I 



The Social Studies department is composed of 
five teachers, headed by Mrs. Baldwin as depart- 
ment chairman. This department offers a program 
which provides students with opportunities to ex- 
plore the subjects of United States and World His- 
tory, United States Government, and World Geog- 
raphy. Each course is designed to provide factual 
knowledge, to promote development of various 
skills, and to prepare students for active and com- 
petent participation in society. Students learn 
about different culture regions of the world, signif- 
icant developments of western and non-western 
history, and the development of democratic gov- 
ernment in the U.S. 

Peg Baldwin 

World History 
Department Chairman 
National Junior Honor 
Society sponsor 

Elizabeth Boykin 
Social Studies 7,8 

Donald Fuller 

World Historv- 
Debate sponsor 

Robert Jones 

Social Studies 8, World Geography 

Tim Miller 
World Geography 
Patricia Shorter 

World Geography 

Academics / 69 


Emmet Forbes 


Ina Leiderman 


Celes Price 

The Kempsville Junior music department em- 
ploys three teachers who provide quality' instruc- 
tion in the areas of musical score interpretation, 
performance, aesthetic descrimination, and htera- 
ture explanation on beginning, intermediate, and 
advanced levels. 

The band instructor, Mr. Forbes, has a Bachelor 
of Science degree from Norfolk State University 
and a masters degree from Columbia University. 
Mr. Forbes has taught at KJHS for eight years and 
enjoys listening to jazz. He plays most of the in- 

The choral instructor, Mrs. Leiderman, studied 
at the University of Maryland where she attained a 
Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education, 
and at Norfolk State University where she was 
presented with a Masters of Music degree. She has 
taught jointly at Kempsville Jr. and Woodstock 
Elementary for the past two years, so she is familiar 
with the busy routine most Braves have. Our chor- 
al director is a very talented lady. In her spare rtme, 
she plays the piano and sings. 

Directing our orchestra is Mrs. Price. She also 
works at KempsLanding and Brandon Jr. High 
during the day. She graduated from ODU with a 
degree in business education. Besides teaching, 
Mrs. Price has many musical talents which include 
playing the oboe, the piano, and the violin. 


Carolyn Cox 

70 / Academics 

Here at Kempsville Jr. our computer courses are 
taught by Mrs. Cox. The computer awareness unit 
is a fifteen day multi-media course of instrucHon 
involving hands-on operation of a microcomputer; 
knowledge of hardward and software; applicatton 
of the uses of computers; past, present, and future 
effects of computers on our lives; simple program- 
ming techniques; and some history of the develop- 
ment of computers. 

The hands-on operation of a computer (TRS-80 
111) is a very important aspect of the unit. Each 
student learns how to use the keyboard to enter 
commands to the computer and make it do what- 
ever they want (almost). 

Presentations are made showing students the 
many applications of computers from the way they 
are used in the classroom to huge complexes called 
computer or data centers that have systems that 
can help run an entire city. 

How the computer affects our lives is discussed 
in the course, "Wherever man goes. Computers 
surround him." All of the effects were not neces- 
sarily good. Indeed, students saw that our privacy 
could be in jeopardy. However, students con- 
cluded that overall the computer makes life better 
for most of them. In any case, the computer is with 
them and students must learn how to live with it. 

Students also take a look at the history of the 
development of computers from primitive devices 
using knots tied in strings to modern electronic 
computers capable of sending a space probe to a 
distant planet. 


The purpose of the in-school suspension pro- 
gram is to provide an education for those students 
who are suspended from their classes. The ISS 
coordinator, Mr. Flanigan, gives these students 
assignments which are individualized to suit their 
particular need. In order to do this, he obtains 
assignments and information about the student's 
abilities from their teachers. 

Mr. Flanigan has been the ISS coordinator for 
two years. He taught Health and P.E. for nine 
years, and was department chairman for two 
years. He has also taught at Heritage Elementary. 
A graduate of ODU and Ferum College, Mr. Flani- 
gan also has a masters degree from ODU. 

An active member of the faculty, Mr. Flanigan is 
the assistant coach of the football team. He has also 
coached basketball at KJHS. Mr. Flanigan's hob- 
bies are golf and wood-working. He has two 
daughters, Charlotte and Libby, who is the mascot 
of the KJHS cheerleaders. 


The Gifted and Talented Programs here at KJHS, 
provide a variety of offerings designed to meet the 
educational needs of intellectually gifted and 
talented students. This program offers advanced 
courses, credit and non-credit, and special semi- 
nars. Qualified students may register for the 
course in the seventh, eighth, or ninth grade, and 
have the opportunity to select program offerings 
that meet their individual needs. The course in- 
structors are Juanita Felton, Mary Hughes, and 
Hazel Jessee. The instructional units include En- 
glish, in which students write stories and produce 
filmstrips, sUdes and tapes of stories; Science, in 
which students examine and analyze visual illu- 
sions, magic tricks, codes, and conduct several 
experiments; Social Studies, where students in- 
vestigate the community, school, and personal 
actions; and finally the arts, in which the class 
studies three periods of fine arts. 

Academics / 71 


Patty Ervin 

Home Economics 
Department Chairman 
FHA sponsor 

Mary Cerrone 

Home Economics 
FHA sponsor 

Dona McCloud 

Home Economics 
FHA sponsor 

The home economics department at KJHS is made 
up of three teachers, with Miss Ervin acting as depart- 
ment chairman. This department offers a comprehen- 
sive program to aid students with knowledge and 
skills that will assist them in meeting and solving 
home living problems. Students are made aware of 
employment opportunities and are given guidelines 
for making career choices. Included in the home eco- 
nomics program are units in childcare and babysit- 
ting, personality development, consumer education, 
careers, housing, home decorating, and family and 
interpersonal relationships. Home economics stu- 
dents actively participate in the Future Homemakers 
of America. 

The industrial arts department is comprised of four 
teachers and is coordinated by department chairman 
Mr. Stahl. Industrial arts offers opportunities for each 
student to acquire information and skills which assist 
in choosing and planing a career. Seventh grade stu- 
dents are introduced to industrial arts through an 
exploratory semester course. Eighth grade students 
gain experience in a variety of areas of industry in- 
cluding woods and metals, while ninth grade stu- 
dents are introduced to the construction industry 
through project assignments. 

John Stahl 

Industrial Arts 
Department Chairman 

William Camp 

Industrial Arts 

John LePine 

Industrial Arts 

72 / Academics 


The guidance department at KJHS is comprised 
of five counselors with Mr. Fitzgerald acting as 
director. Mrs. Fruit serves as their secretary. Guid- 
ance, which is considered an integral part of the 
education program here, assists the individual stu- 
dent in developing a realist concept of himself in 
our democratic society. It is also concerned in 
assisting students in setting and achieving goals 
consistant with his ability. Through the efforts of 
our guidance counselors, students are familiarized 
with the school and it's resources, and are given 
direction which helps them succeed in their new 
classes and activities. 

Bill Fitzgerald 

Guidance Director 

Elaine Boyette 
Guidance Counselor 

James Breckenridge 

Guidance Counselor 
Lois ppT natrlie , 
Guidance Counselor 

Nancy Mullen 

Guidance Counselor 

Gee Fruit 

Guidance Secretary 


The office personnel of Kempsville Jr. High con- 
sists of a head secretary, a bookkeeper, and an 
attendance secretary. Mrs. Cowan, the head secre- 
tary, is responsible for the maintenance of school 
records and correspondence. She assists Mr. Davis 
in his role as principal in many ways and assures 
that the office runs smoothly. Miss Sawyer, the 
bookkeeper, handles all school monies and pre- 
pares financial reports and records for audit. It is 
her responsibility to collect student fees and oper- 
ate the bookstore in order to supply the students 
with the material needed for their classes. The 
attendance clerk, Mrs. Welch, is responsible for 
coordinating all attendance records. The majority 
of her time is spent on the accounting of student 
enrollment, collecting federal cards, and daily at- 

To aid the secretaries, are at least two student 
workers per bell. These workers run errands, greet 
guests who enter the building, and assist with 
paper work. Several teachers are assigned office 
duty to help with attendance records. Parent 
volunteers have been very helpful this year in eas- 
ing the work load for our competent secretaries. 



Pat Cowan 

Principal's Secretary 

Emma Sawyer 


Shirley Welch 

Attendance Secretary 


Academics / 73 


Kay Harris 

School Nurse 

Lois Linsley 


Chris McClenney 

Assistant Librarian 

Pegg\' Harrop 

Librar\- Secretar%' 

Janet Gray 


David Brooks 
Head Custodian 

An indispensable and often overlooked part of 
our school is the group of people that offer special 
seHrices to the students. Without these people to 
maintain the building, provide for our physical 
needs, and assist us in using resource material, 
Kemps\ille students would not have been so suc- 
cessful in their academic studies. 

Always helpful to ever\'one, Mr. Brooks and his 
custodial staff, kept KJHS clean and comfortable. 
Their duties included cleaning the building and 
grounds, maintaining the physical plant and cor- 
recting problems such as a frantic student's jam- 
med locker. 

Our cafeteria staff arrived ver\- early everv morn- 
ing to prepare a nutrious lunch. During the three 
lunch shifts, thev provided three lunch lines and a 
mUk line to speed the ser\-ing process. 

Mrs. Harris, spends most of her time in the clinic 
administering to the students. Her other duhes 
mclude screening tests, immunization clinics and 
health oriented conferences. 

The head librarian, Mrs. Linsley, coordinates the 
learning media services with the aide of Mrs. 
McClenney, assistant librarian. The libran,- clerk, 
Mrs. Harrop, along with student helpers aid in the 
managing and functioning of our librar\'. 

74 / Academics 

Academics / 75 



Dr. E.E. Brickell is the Superintendent of the 
Virginia Beach City Public Schools and has held 
this position since 1968. He is responsible for the 
entire operation of our school division and he over- 
sees the public education in Virgirua Beach. He is 
presently working on the 1983-84 school budget 
and also the redistricting plan. 

Dr. Brickell has received his Masters, B.S., 
C.A.S., and Doctorate in school administraHon 
from the college of WUliam and Mary. He meets 
with the S.C.A. presidents, the P.T.A., the City 
Council, and serves as a member of the Virginia 
Beach School Board. He is actively concerned with 
increasing the educational facilities for every stu- 
dent in our system. 

Dr. E.E. BrickeU 


The administration of a school is its backbone, its 
central support. It must possess wisdom, power, 
and decisiveness, as well as understanding and 
fairness in setting its goals and forming its policies. 
Our administration certainly met these standards 
of leadership and worked hard to provide the stu- 
dent body and faculty with the direction it needed. 

Under the direction of the principal, Jefferson 
Davis, Kempsville Jr. High School strives to main- 
tain its standards of scholarship and athleHcs. He 
insists upon an informal, but disciplined atmo- 
sphere and is always accessible to students and 

Mr. Davis attended the Old South Norfolk High 
School and he served over seas in the 15th Air 
Force in World War two. He went to law school at 
WOliam and Mary. Mr. Davis has also done gradu- 
ate work at ODU, UVA, and GWU. He was the first 
principal at Woodstock Elementary, Kellam High 
School, and Cox High School. 

During the 1982-83 school year, Mr. Davis ably 
met the challenge of providing leadership for the 
faculty and students at KJHS. Whether taking care 
of business in the office or supporting the many 
extra-curricular activities of KJHS students, he en- 
couraged pride and achievement and made this 
year a Hme to remember. 

76 / Academics 

Jefferson Davis 


Ralph Sykes 


As student coordinator, Mr. Bob Booth has 
many responsibilities. These include preparing the 
budgets for student activities, providing supervi- 
sion at games, dances, and other school functions, 
maintaining the school activities calendar, and 
scheduling school assembly programs. This is his 
fourth year as student activities coordinator. 
Whether it was a game, or concert, a dance, or a 
dub meeting, Mr. Booth's work played a kev role in 
the success of the activitv. His efforts to keep our 
activites program running smoothly are appreci- 
ated by everyone at KJHS. 

During the past school year, Mr. Davis was aided by two quali- 
fied assistant principals, Ralph Sykes and Ron Keen. Their admin- 
istrative abilities helped create an environment in which KJHS 
students had many opportunities to learn and succeed. 

Mr. Sykes has many responsibilities at KJHS. He receives disci- 
pline referrals from teachers, and makes every effort to encourage 
students to improve their behavior so that they can do their best 
work in their classes. Mr. Sykes is also responsible for students' 
lockers and for the athletic program. Returning for his third year at 
KJHS, Mr. Sykes graduated from Atlantic Christian College and 
East Carolina University. He taught math at Kempsville High 
School and Kellam High School. He served as assistant principal at 
Bayside High School and at Kellam before coming to our school. 
Mr. Sykes enjoys sports and is a great supporter of the Braves. 

Like Mr. Sykes, Mr. Keen stays busy taking care of the responsi- 
bilities assigned to him. He is responsible for all scheduling, for 
transportation, and for issuing keys. Mr. Keen holds degrees from 
N.C. State and William and Mary. He is presently working on an 
advanced study certificate at ODU. He has taught math and sci- 
ence, and was assistant principal at Independence before coming 
to KJHS this year. He enjoys fishing, reading, and working cross- 
word puzzles. Kempsville Jr. High is fortunate to have Mr. Keen 
as a part of our fine team of administrators. 

Ron Keen 

Academics / 77 


Over the past year, most every 
Brave has been involved with at least 
one of the clubs or activities at KJHS. 
Whether their interests were in mu- 
sic, drama, writing, or school govern- 
ment, there was something here for 
everyone. There were as many reasons 
for joining these clubs as there were 
students. A major reason was to be 
around students with mutual in- 
terests and talents. In this case, the 
clubs gave the students an opportuni- 
ty to learn more than they could in the 
classroojn. Another reason for partici- 
pating in these clubs was to further 
interests and take on responsibilities. 
Members of the Smoke Signal staff, 
for example, were responsible for spe- 
cific feature articles . Completing these 
articles gave them a feeling that they 
had contributed some of their time and 
talents to our school. Some students 
joined school clubs just to get away 
from the day to day routine. It gave 
them a chance to see the school as more 
than just a buildino filled with 
teachers and books. School clubs also 
taught students how to function in a 
group as far as contrihuting ideas, 
making group decisions, or being the 
leader of a group. 

Even those students not directly in- 
volved with a scliool organization Imi- 
efitted from their existence. The 
S.C.A. planned many activities that 
the entire school could be a part of, 
such as school dances and spirit days. 
The foreign language clubs planned a 
foreign language i^stival during the 
holiaay season. The festival intro- 
duced students to foreign cultures, 
foods, and dances. The drama club, 
orchestra, band, and chorus held per- 
formances that all students were in- 
vited to attend. 

The clubs and activities at KJHS 
contributed a great deal to our 1982- 
83 school year. Rounding out the 
overall junior high school experience, 
these activities gave the students at 
KJHS the time and opportunity to 
make a difference in our school. 

78 / Activities 

MARK TIME . . . 

This past year has been very suc- 
cessful for the Marching Braves. 
The hard work began even before 
school started as band members 
attended a band camp in West 
Chester, Pennsylvania, and all 
Marching Braves began to learn 
drills and practice in August. The 
practicing continued into the 
school year, and the band was 
often seen working hard after 
school and during first bell. 

All of this practicing paid off, and 
the Marching Braves were able to 

perform at halftime of every home 
football game, bring a first and sec- 
ond place home from the Neptune 
Festival, attend a Halloween Pa- 
rade, and win first place at Wil- 
liamsburg's Christmas parade. 

The marching season ended, but 
more practicing was still ahead. 
Students prepared for Regional 
Band tr}'Outs, concerts, and District 
Festival. The band members were 
also busy with fund raisers to help 
pay for the bands' spring trip to a 

competition in Ocean City, Mary- 
land. In March the hours of practic- 
ing began again to prepare for 
Ocean City. The Marching Braves 
were directed by Emmet Forbes; 
head drum major, Latanya Cole- 
man; and drum majors, Stephanie 
Kim and Joni Swanberg. The 
Ocean City trip is scheduled for late 
April where the marching band, 
the concert band, and the au- 
xiliaries will compete. Best of luck 
to the KJHS Marching Braves. 


^ The concert band performs under the 

V. ^ direction of Mr. Forbes. The entire band 

N. ^ prachces even.- morning during first bell to 
prepare for perfonnances and competirions. At 
^ lea^ once each sectional prac^ce is held 

^ I . , . ^ 

^ ^ ^ \ *> V, 

\Jbefore or a^r school. 



^ 80 AcHvities ^ 



A \ •> ^ 

DRUM MAjORS: Joni Svvanberg, Tanya Coleman (Head), and 
Stephanie Kim. 

HONOR GUARD: Melissa Futrell, Kellv Foltz, Lynn Pontillo, 
Laura Mann, Michelle Daikos, Jackie Powell (Capt.), Karen 

SAXOPHOXES: Row 1: Cmdv VVatkms. Roiv 2: Wilson Szeto, 
Les Parlette, Elizabeth WhitBy. Rozp 3: Garv Middleton, Marcy 
Starling, James Tynes, Carl VVelch, Amy Eicholtz. 

FLUTES: Row 1: Nicole Livas, Laura Newby, Heather 
Thompson, Kim Martineau. Rozo 2: Jodi Slater, Joelle 
Tonkovich, Jodi Danganan, Tara Barker, Sharon Caskey. Roiv 
3: Elisa Placides, Allison Smith, Wendy Perrv, Karen Matyas, 
Franchesca Kammerer, Kathy Carr, Dawn Olmstead. 

PERCUSSION: Roiv 1: Christy Norman, Carolyn Scott. Roiv 2. Michele Mixner, Donald Kemp, Valerie Perreault, Brian Aschkenas 
Alan Veeck, Kim Patterson. Roiv 3: Geri Page, Sherri Hufton, John Weaver, Kellv Smith, Rav Waskev. 

The Marching Braves, under the direction of Mr. Forbes and 
head drum major Tanya Coleman, performed at halftime of 
every home football game. The field show consisted of selec- 
tions such as Mirada, Twilight Zone, and If. 

TROMBONES: Chad Dejesus, Mike Daniels, Benji Caldwell, 
Jack Buchanan, Greg Mitchell, Beau Hunt. 


CLARINETS: Row 1: JoAnn Danganan, Sandra 
Anderson, Kristen Bryant. Roiv 2: Mike Adams, 
Mike Brown, Leslie Miller, Roland Ventura, 
Mark Leonard. Row 3: Heide Obendorf, Marsha 

Jury, Karen Rich, Cristal Bennett, Beth Moore. 

82 / Activities 

TRUMPETS: Rmv I: Robin MarkJand, Kyle Horton, Gary Mover, Jeff Douglas, Heather Edwards. Row 2: 
David Terray, Scott Parish, Mike Benson, Eric Siseth, Steve Mansfield. Row 3: Terry Carstensen, David 
Harry, John Mosteller, Jason Brockman, Donna Oldfield. 


RIFLES ROW 1: Jennifer Leonard, Melinda Baker, Meg Anderson. ROW 2: 
Brandi Schober, Robelei Cruz (Co-Capt.), Tara Barton. ROW 3: Beverly Ball, 
Missy Brown (Capt.), Stephanie Bates. 

FL4GS ROW 2.- Sheran Moore, Heather Petry (Capt.), Holly Henderson (Co- , . . ,_„r-T"rr-r n ,^ , ,^ n 

Capt.), Kim Dumey. ROW 2: Brandi Armstrong, Jennifer Hoover, Lori Erny. ^^^°^^[Ji^' ^^"y. ^o^^."" (S^,?*-^'/'"!u^^'^"' 

ROW 3: Kathy Worton, Felisida Moore, AnwBurcham, JuUe Clark, Coleen Madonna McKeel, Patncia Klem, Hillary Carothers. 
GLUen, Kim Connard, Julie Simmons, Ruth Carter. 

84 / Activities 




Row I; Director, Mrs. Leiderman, Jennifer Jennings, Sheran Moore, Beth Salomonsky, Heidi Atkinson, Jori Weerts, Laurie Miller, 
Holly Hewitt, Kim Morgan, Kim Tolhurst, Sandra Strange, David Jacobi, Tracey Tynes, Simon Scott, Chris Tuttle, Jeff Smith, 
Nancy Booth, Lauri Lab yak. Row 2: Suzanne Quillin, Ruth Carter, Lori Ballance, Christine Smith, Lisa Kelly, Amber Hampl, Julie 
Simmons, Dawn Haiie y, Misty Miller, Christine NcNamee, Tammy Herman, Susan Mclntyre, Theresa Siegrist, Carrie Pearson, Scott 
Garrard, Greg hischer. Row 3: HoUy Johnson, Anna Garrison, Kim Poulter, Christine Mardis, Lori Guyton, Allison Ainscough, Kim 
Szaranos, Scotty Mackay, Jennifer Edwards, Jennifer Sheppard, Leigh Dotson, Kelly Williams, Sabrina Inscore, Jenny Forrest, 
Cindy Allen, Liz Clark. Row 4: Regina Creek, Michele Myers, Renay Boone, Ladonna McKeel, Winky Malpass, Angel Walls, 
Michele Henz, Michelle Roberson, Lynn Pontill o, Robin Taylor, Shannon Weeks, Tina Wendt, Danielle Meads, Lisa Raper. Not 
Pictured: Mike Daniels, Aimee Dejamette, btephanie James, Dale Rankin. 

Row 1: Dana Weittenhiller, Kim 
Zicafoose, Aileen Arcilla, Laura 
Wells, Holly Eger, Belle Miller. 
Row 2: Kelley Scoby, Jennifer 
Hennessey, Chery l Powell. Ja- 
nean Moriarty, Jennifer Scott. 
Row 3: Corey Labasky, Robert 
Glass, Freddy Price, Mark 
Evans, Tim Lovelace, John 
Mason. Ronald Castaneda. 

Activities / 85 

9th GRADE: Row 1 : Lori Emy, Kelly Smith, Beth Bell, Karen Chasse, Julie Clark, Perry Pascual. Row 2: Valerie Perrault, Laurie Labyak, Liz 
Annet, Pam Millhouse, Anne Slaughter, Marichu Ocampo. 

7th & 8th GRADE: Row 1: David Sorey, Richie Pettruny, Ricky Zano, John McKay, Bo Watkins, Bryan Mizelle, Robert Smith. Row 2: 
Michelle Ellis, Cindy Sykes, Katy Bufnngton, Karen Frey, Joni Swanberg, Teri Zano, Heather Gordon. Row 3; Charles Conway, Jennifer 
Sinsson, Cathy Mason, Judy Rhodes, Yvonne Merkel, Amy Ingram, Gamett Casey, Jenny Edwards, Sandy Sharpe. 

86 / Activities 

The Student Cooperative Association is 
formed to give the students a voice in the 
school government. The SCA is the student 
body and has elected officers and alternates. 
This group has participated in school, commu- 
nity, and service projects. They were guided 
this year by sponsor Miss Schwab. The SCA 
sponsored various projects from dances to 
awards assemblies for the KJHS students. 
"Our Pride Goes Ever On" was their theme 
and it directed them through another success- 
ful year. 

Acti\ities ' 87 


CHEER . . . 



Rou' 1: Leslie Knickerbocker, Judv Swartzstrauber, Jennifer Guidon, Nancy Kravitz, Cheryl Snow, Amy Harrell, Suzanne Greene, Julie 
Wienstien. Row 2: Carvn Sherwood, Glenda Clarke, Julie Cross, Rachael Haverson, Melanie Stouch, Debbie Duncan, Anna Hienz, Lisa 
Raper, Wendy Doyle, Martha Roche. Row 3: Lenoa Rondero, Kara Martin, Damie Uinlan, Holly Duncan, Darla Yamada, Rebecca Matney, 
Marichu Ocainpo,' Geroldine Flores, Teri Zano. Row 4: Cara Cannon, Katina Haslam, Jennt Forrest, Jenny Murphy, Luray Lehmann, 
Linda Wunsch, Kristen Gilbert, Stacy Sadler, Kristen Langknecht, Ailene Arcilla. Rou' 5: Beverly Picache, Kelly Smith, Justine Homer, 
Alexander Graf, Amy Davis, Susan Altenheim, Caroline Bowe, Susan Sams, Donna Reid. Row 6: Vanessa Preston, Tammy Gardner, 
Jenny Najoks, Tami Bon e. Lisa Horsch, Karen Chasse, Beth Bell, Suzanne Scott, Caroline Henry, Barrie Te ach, Serena Hannah. Row 7: 
Michelle Curran, Elizabeth Geddie, April Brinn. ' 


/ Activities 

The Spirit Club at KJHS is organized 
to promote good sportsmanship and 
spirit throughout each sport season. 
The club is sponsored by Miss Davis. 
The officers are: president, Elizabeth 
Geddie; vice president, Michelle 
Curran; and secretary, April Brinn. 
The Members were their club teeshirts 
and sweatshirts on game days. 


Rmc 1: Sharon Spitalney, Rex Riley, Daphne Spain, George Girden, Paul Kumpf, Tracy Jones, Richard Seigal, f4aik_Beabua. Roiu 2: 
Anna Miller, Kristen Palmer, Melanie Smith, Keisha Bennett, Suzanne Dester, Julie Wein-Stein, Brian Lambert, Mike Gullaghen. 
Row 3. Kim Saylor, Phylis Blood, Teresa Bryan, Laura Mann, Amy Davis, Alex Graf, Aileen Mann, Erica Chovitz, Jackie Powell. 

Row 1: Nicki Pieno, Erica Chovitz, Karen Costello. Rmv 2: Mike Lawless and Brenda Chasse star in the musical production 

Melanie Smith, Sherri Friedman. of "Bye-Bye Birdie" performed last spring. 

Activities / 89 


Row 1: Jeff Sprague, Brod Bello, Perry Pascual. Row 2: Ginger Stevenson, Tracy Krieder, Julie Clark, Wendy McVey, Julie Cross, Jill 
Humerick. Row 3: Kevin Quick, Mike Rumore, Beth Richardson, Maureen Maner, Bruce Franklin, Patrick Lynn, Clifton Lee. 

The forensics team was 
chosen in late January to 
represent our school in a 
citywide meet at Brandon 
in February. The team 
worked very hard to pre- 
pare for the meet. Brod 
Bello received second 
place for original oratory, 
and Amy Davis placed 
third in girl's prose. 

The debate team met 
this year to debate the 
pros and cons of the fol- 
lowing topic: "Resolved: 
The United States should 
significantly curtail the 
sale of arms to foreign 
countries." This year for 
the first time debaters will 
receive a letter for partici- 
pation in city dual and 
tournament debates. The 
city tournament was held 
at the end of March. 


Row 1: Kevin Lee, Brod Bello, Ms. Varga, Jill Humerick, Julie Cross, David Watson. Row 2: Anna 
Miller, Alex Graf, Amy Davis, Suzanne Pester, Robbie Boyle. 

90 ' Activities 


President — Anete Vasquez, Vice-President 
— Justine Homer. 

Wendv McVey, Secretary — Julie Clark, Treasurer 

The KJHS chapter of the National 
Junior Honor Society is made up of 
a group of people who have proven 
that they are honor students in 
many ways. Each and every one of 
these students are involved in 
many student activities and many 
of them hold leadership positions. 
In fact, it was very difficult this year 
to schedule a meeting when all 
members could attend. All of these 
students must have maintained a 
7.0 average for the eighth grade and 
the first semester of the ninth grade 
at KJHS. These members are 
chosen on the basis of four major 
qualities: leadership, service, citi- 
zenship, and academics. When a 
student has maintained the aca- 
demic average, he or she is given an 
application for membership. The 
applications are reviewed by a com- 
mittee of teachers and administra- 
tion, and the selection of the new 
members is made. A tapping cere- 
mony is held in the spring to induct 
the new members. 

Kathryn Whitby 

Amy Bordy 

Clitton Lee 

Tim Lovelace 

Laura Newby 

Beth Bell 

Perry Pascual 

Maryann Baiocco 

Jerry Lavely 

Anne Slau ghter. 

Justine "Homer 

Tammv Hughes 

Bred Bello 
Pam Agbuya 
Stephanie Kim 
Kristie Treatheway 
Tina Carpenter 
Andrea Watson 
Karen Chasse 
Wendy McVey 
Anete Vasquez 
Beth Rice 
Stefanie Bates 
Cheryl Snow 
Julie Clark 
Heather Petry 

Activities / 91 


The foreign language department 
worked hard to introduce foreign cul- 
tures to their students this year. The de- 
partment and the students presented an 
exciting International Holiday Festival 
this past December. Each student 
brought a sample of either French, Ger- 
man, Spanish, or Latin food. German 
and Spanish dancers attended the festiv- 
al and entertained the students. The de- 
partment sponsored a foreign language 
week featuring a poster contest, French 
cooking contest, and a piflata contest. 
The Latin Club was very active this past 
year. They sold carnations for Hallo- 
ween, participated in the State Latin 
Convention in Roanoke and the Na- 
tional Latin Exams. Overall the foreign 
language department contributed to a 
very successful year at KJHS. 

7, ' r : Qj^ 

Foreign language classes at KJHS participate 
in varied activities. They practice their oral skills 
at least once a week in the language lab and 
show their knowledge of the country's culture 
by making posters, maps and piflatas. 



Row 1: My Tran, Rebecca Matney (Secretary), Stacy Musich (President), Kim Price, Christal Gordon. Roiv 2: Blaine Ramey, John 
Workman (Vice-President), Missy Johnson, Phillip Jenkins, Brenda Kolcum. 



Ann Harrington, Denise Swear (President), Regina Clark (Secretary), Jennifer 

94 / Activities 


Activities / 95 


Row I; Amy Harrell, Lisa Kanter, Amv Bordv, Anne Slaughter, Marv'ann Baiocco, Wendy McVey, Eileen Mulally, Laura 
McLaughlin, Andrea Watson. Row 2: Da\-id Btubbs, Christina Smith^ Regina Creek, Lauri Labyak, Beth Richardson, HoUv Duncan, 
Justine Homer, Barrie Teach, Kelly Smith, April Brinn, Beth Bell, Karen Chasse, Michelle Curran, Julie Clark, Robin Koch. Row 3: 
Jared Conley, Chris Durand, Al Igana, Henn,- Pogorzelski, Perr\- Pascual, Mike Rumore, Eric McDonald, Jeff Sprague, Jimmy Sung, 
Clifton Lee, Heather Petrv, Chrissie Prince. 

Officers: President — Al Igana, 
Secretary- — Scot Fairchild, Vice 
President — Henr\' Pogorzelski. 

Rozc 1: Jennifer Smith, Judv Schwartztrauber, Beverly Ball, Michele Mixner. Row 2: Glenda 
Clark, Scot Fairchild, Lori Stanley, Jennifer Hoover, Jeff Smith, Jon Boyd, Renee Comstock, 
Mike Cerrone, Allan Pogorzelski', Charles Conway. Mot Pictured: Melissa Keen. 

96 Activities 


Activities / 97 



Row 1: Kim Martineau, Barrie Teach , Cindy Sykes, Darla Yamada, Kim Chapman. Roic 2: Missy Brown, Kim Theriault, 
Andrea Watson. Not pictured; kegma Creek. 

98 / Activities 


Row 1: Tonia Kolantis, Nicole Pieno, Bruce Pitts, Caroline Henry, Kerry Grissom. Roiv 2: Shelley Tate, Robin Dunba r, Susie 
Raiter, Kelly Smith, Beth Bell, Justine Homer, Susan Sams, Sharon Caskey. Not Pictured: Kathryn Whitby. 


Nancy r-,.>.pKaii "^nccr. Mo■l»f|^plf^ Robin Robinson. Not Picturcu: Ct ii.i 
Noggle, Deann a Fellers, Patricia Black. 

Bev Blount and Mr. Booth 

Activities ' 99 


As we look back over the past year, we sadly 
think of how fast time flew by. It all began with 
the "theme" party in August, when the 1983 
Venture Staff became acquainted and made 
some of their first decisions. We remember the 
receipt books, and posters completed in prepara- 
tion for yearbook sales, and then the week of 
sales was gone with the first deadline just 
around the corner. The layouts, the copy, the 
pictures, the croppers, and the boxes were 
shifted around until an empty room was found 
during third bell. Whenever anyone passed by 
our "room", we were seen hard at work trying to 
meet our deadlines and commitments and decid- 
ing what to leave in, what to leave out. But if that 
same person were to enter the room we all be- 
came deathly silent. All yearbook goings-on 
were kept confidential so that the Venture '83 
could be a big surprise. 

With the choosing of the theme and 
cover, the painting of the gno 
mon, posing for pictures at 
Lynnhaven Mall, and 
traveling to the 
sundial on 
17th St. 

Marvann Baiocco, Michele Mixner, Melissa Keen, Lydia Cockey, Anne 
Slaughter, Amy Bordy, Al Igana, Julie Clark, Scot Kairchild, April Brinn, 
Cheryl Snow, Joe Briggs, Jerry Lavely. 

fore the sun rose, came more memories and 
progress toward the completion of the '83 Ven- 
ture. Probably the most asked question by all 
eleven of us was, "Will we ever get through in 
time?" When March 9, 1983 arrived, it was a 
happy day for us all. Lots of long, hard hours of 
work and worry had gone into the production of 
this book. We were relieved, excited and 
proud. The finishing touches were put on 
the book and the final deadline was 
met. At that point we all knew 
that it was just a matter of 
"time" . . . 

Class Editors: Amy Bordy and Lydia Cockey. 

Activities Editors: Melissa Keen and Michele Mixner 

We'll never forget: 

There's a gate on the other side! 

Are you the police? 
Backs against the wall! 
This is about as excited as I get. 
There's a barbie doll on the tuba! 
Rumballs! Rumballs! 
Maryann's in the trashcan?? 
I'll never learn to crop. 
Now I don't need to take Typing I. 
23 X 3 

What donuts? 
What time is it? 

Brinn, Scot Fairchil 

Activities / 101 

Vol. ti. No. 1 KEMPSVILLE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL December 198 

The Smoke Signals Staff was 
chosen this fall by Mrs. Young 
through the English department. 
During the first meeting of the staff, 
members were appointed to their 
specific jobs. Their articles informed 
the students of different clubs and 
various happenings in the school. 
There were also articles on sports, 
the faculty, and editorials. There 
were there three issues of the Smoke 
Signals published this year due to 
hard work and dedication of the fol- 
lowing editors: 

Co-Editors in Chief . . Pam Agbuya 
Pam Skotteguard 
Feature Editor . Charlie Ruchelman 

Art Editor Zabrina Gonzaga 

Photography Editor . . . Beth Moore 

Band Editor Jack Buchanan 

Sports Editor Barrie Teach 

Club Editor Christina Smith 

Advice Editor Jill Humerick 

Business Manager . Wendy McVey 

Roiv 1: Jody Kinsler, Pam Agbuya, Pam Skotteguard. Row 2: Dawn Bailev, 
Christina Smith, Kelly Smith, Beth Bell, Karen Chasse, Wendy McVey, Barrie 
Teach. Row 3: Eric Brown, Zabrina Gonzaga, Rebecca Matney, Noelle Macareg, 
Jill Humerick, Lauri Labyak, Stephanie Kim. Rozo 4: Chrissy Prince, Ed Pence-, 
Heather Petry, Jack Buchannon, Beth Moore, Charlie Ruchelman, Amy Davis, 
Alex Graf. 

Row J; Ricky Stein, Brian Schoetield, Jenelle Sminks, Gerrie Flores, Judv 
Schwartstrauber, Charles Powell. Row 2: Shellv Kadlec, Pinkv Agbuva, Jennifer 
Singson, Julie Cross, Michele Mixner, Terrie Zano. Row 3: Chris Schnaars, Rex 
Riley, Holly Eager, John Boyd, Mike Parsons, David Sorey. Roiv 4: John Linoh, 
Robin Tripp, Charles Conway, Denton McCorol, Susanne Pester, Keri Downs, 
Kristen Langnekt, Kara Chappell. 

102 / Activities 

There were a variety of opportunities for students to 
become active and involved durinj^ the 1983 school year. 
Many students enjoyed the dances provided by the SCA. 
Interested students attended the concerts performed by the 
KJHS band. Emmet Jr. is pictured here admiring his dad as 
he directs the band at the Christmas concert. 


n « k\ \i 1 / in n 

Before Christmas vacation, programs 
were presented to the entire student 
body by the chorus, orchestra, band, and 
drama departments. Students await to 
move on to the next program. 

Activities 103 


The Keuipsville Jr. High School 
athletic department is a well-rounded 
organization of teams that exhibited a 
tremendous amount of ability , enthu- 
siasm, and drive during the three 
sports seasons of '82-83. Jltese teams 
were made up of some of the best 
athletes in the city and they displayed 
determination and exhibited excell- 
ence and true team spirit throughout 
the year. 

The sports program has taught us 
the value of competition and has pro- 
vided an arena where a student can 
experience the exhilaration of win- 
ning and the bitterness of defeat. To 
accept victory in its glory and shun 
defeat only to return with a positive 
attitude, marked the total commit- 
ments of well-rounded athletes. These 
athletes often learned from mistakes 
and improved skills and techniques 
they acquired from their peers. 

This year's athletic teams had an 
unusual spirit. Some new coaches, 
some experienced coaches helped bring 
out this Brave spirit. 

The life of an athlete demanded 
grueling hours of practice, prepara- 
tion and dedication. With each point 
scored, each ball hit, and each move- 
ment performed correctly, came the 
feeling of accomplishment and self sat- 
isfaction. To these athletes willing to 
strive for perfection, no obstacle was 
too large to stand in their way. 

104 Sports 

Kempsville 22 -vs- Independence 6 
Kempsville 8 -vs- Va. Beach 

Kempsville 14 -vs- Plaza 

Kempsville 6 -vs- Princess Anne 

Kempsville 8 -vs- Lynnhaven 14 

Kempsville 36 -vs- Bayside 6 

Kempsville 22 -vs- Brandon 6 
















Princess Anne 












Va. Beach 
























V 2 




Princess Anne 





Va. Beach 


ixCll I L'a V HlKz 













1982-83 City Champions 
1982-83 Tournament Champions 


Kempsville 45 

Kempsville 36 

Kempsville 49 

Kempsville 26 

Kempsville 47 

Kempsville 46 

Kempsville 42 

Kempsville 70 

Kempsville 41 

Kempsville 41 


-vs- Independence20 

-vs- Brandon 42 

-vs- Bayside 46 

-vs- Princess Anne42 

-vs- Lynnhaven 58 

-vs- Plaza 38 

-vs- Va. Beach 1 

-vs- Independence62 

-vs- Brandon 62 

-vs- Bayside 46 




-vs- Lynnhaven 3 




Princess AnneO 




Plaza 2 




Va. Beach 








Brandon 5 














Princess Anne 









Va. Beach 













106 Sports 




-vs- Plaza 77 



-vs- Princess Anne96 



-vs- Va. Beach 109 



-vs- Independence86 




>- Brandon 84 




>- Bayside 92 




- Lynnhaven 122 


1 Kempsville 



Brandon 6 

1 Kempsville 



Bayside 3 

L Kempsville 



Independence 9 

1 Kempsville 



Va. Beach 2 




Lynnhaven 4 




Plaza 3 




Bayside 2 








Brandon 3 




Princess Annell 


fCempsville 63 -vs- Independent 

Kempsville 50 -vs- Brandon 23 

Kempsville 44 -\'s- Bayside 30 

Kempsville 60 -vs- Plaza 21 

Kempsville 39 -vs- Princess Anne 45 

Kempsville 52 -vs- Va. Beach 21 

Kempsville 10 -vs- Lynnhaven 55 

Kempsville 41 -vs- Independence 35 

Kempsville 50 -vs- Brandon 22 

Kempsville 44 -vs- Bayside 33 

1982 City Champions 


Kempsville 1 -vs- Brandon 10 

Kempsville 4 -vs- Bayside 10 

Kempsville 6 -vs- Independence 12 

Kempsville 17 -vs- Va. Beach 1 

Kempsville 9 -vs- Lynnhaven 4 

Kempsville 6 -vs- Plaza 5 

Kempsville 13 -vs- Brandon 5 

Kempsville 7 -vs- Bayside 13 

Kempsville 4 -vs- Independence 3 

Kempsville 3 -vs- Princess Anne 10 



Kempsville 60 









Kempsville 53 









Kempsville 67 


Princess Anne 





Va. Beach 


Kempsville 66V2 


Va. Beach 







Kempsville 54 







Princess Anne 


Kempsville 79 









Kempsville 12 









Sports ' 107 



Stephanie Bannevich 

Last spring the 1982-83 KJHS cheering squad 
was chosen and from that point, the hard work 
began. By early summer the girls were practicing 
diligently to perfect their cheering skills and abili- 
ties. Under the able direction and supen.'ision of 
sponsor, Mary Gamble, the girls were ready for the 
fall season. Throughout the school vear, the cheer- 
leaders actively showed support for the teams at 
KJHS. At almost everv game. Miss Gamble could 
be seen sitting in the stands giving loval support to 
all Braves' teams. They aU sacrificed their time and 
gave up social actixnties to travel to away games. In 
addition, the cheerleaders showed recognition for 
team members bv decorating lockers, making post- 
ers, and organizing pep rallies. 

The KJHS cheering squad approached the end of 
each season with just as much spirit and pep as 
they began it. The cheerleaders supported our 
Braves through thick and thin. The 1982-83 cheer- 
leaders were key to the spirit exhibited by the en- 
tire student body. They were able to promote this 
spirit and help us all Get Fired Up. 

108 Sports 

Sports ' 109 

Stack em up Braves. 


The 1982 KempsvUle Braves football team had an 
excellent year, finishing with a record of 6 and 1. 
Long, hard hours of practice after school payed off 
for our Braves' offense as they produced such valu- 
able players as: Hamilton, Reece, Reid, Wilson, 
Briggs and Freeman. This combination of players 
scored 15.7 points per game and brought our team 
within one touchdown of a city championship. The 
Braves' defense only allowed 5.7 points per game 
with such valuable players as: Bannister, Becker, 
Ford, Donahue, and Weygant. With the help of 
Coach Hicks and Coach Flannigan, the 1982 foot- 
ball team proved that they were Touchdoum Bound. 

Coach Flannigan and 
Bannister discuss the game. 

Row 1: Brent WillarrI .rhH^ Fnrtf Amos Evans, Hr^S ^jf Scott Brandon, Brooke Donahue, 
Mike Phillips, Matt Chapman, J.B. Fojtik, Heath Parker. Roh' 2: Scott Myers, Monty Hillard, Mike 
Watts, Matt Ftjird . Thomas Moore, Brandon Hamilton, Mike Armour, Robert Reece, Jack Free- 
man, Bill Storm. Row 3: Todd Reulback, Pete DeAngelo, Mike Lavender, loe 

^^^^ y, Robert 

Holt, Pierre Turner, Tim Worst, Tom Colucci, Bobby Wilson, Keith McBrider Row 4: J.R. Reid, 
Mark Weygant, Matt Swoope, Bill Becker, Joe Briggs,' Kip Harbison, Jerr\' Lavely, Bobby Wilson, 
Scott Johnson, Jay Dejesus. Coached by: Bob Hicks, Dave Flannigan. 


R<rwl: April Brinn, Michelle Curran. Row 2: Anne Slaughter, Kathleen McCabe. Row 3: 
Laura McLaughlin, Tracy Shields, Karen McCabe, Wendy McVey, Andrea Watson, 
Robin Koch, Liz Annet, Lauri Labyak, Debbie Rozos, Karen Baker. Roiv 4: Manager; 
Zabrina Gonzaga. Kelly Delaney, Cathy Bukovac, Tina Carpenter, Anete Vasquez. 
Manager: Kelly Scoby. Laura Lee, Cheryl Snow, Megan Bickerstaff, Cindy Sykes. 
Manager: Carrie Pearson. Coached by: Sneron Jennings and Sarah Taylor. 

The 1982 KJHS field hockey team, coached by 
Sharon Jennings, tied for third place in the city 
after a very successful season. The team was led by 
captains Anne Slaughter and Kathleen McCabe. 
After tieing their first five games, the Braves didn't 
give up and came back to win their last two games. 
The offense was led by Kathleen McCabe, Liz 
Annet, Lauri Labyak, Laura Lee, Andrea Watson 
and Anne Slaughter. The defense was led by Wen- 
dy McVey, Karen Baker, Karen McCabe, April 
Brinn and Robin Koch. Returning next year will be 
Kelley Delany and Cindy Sykes. The 1982 team 
proved that hockey is just a Flick Of The Stick. 

Sports / 111 


The 1982-83 boy's basketball team created a new and 
exciting atmosphere in the gym at every game — home 
and away. These bovs, coached by Mr. Chowns, were 
able to finish a fantastic season with a record of 13-0 to 
take the regular season city championship as well as the 
1983 tournament championship. The team worked well 
together toward this common goal. Everyone on the 
team played hard in practice and helped the other mem- 
bers of the team to improve. Some members of the team 
may not have had as much playing time as others, but 
they cheered the team on with enthusiasm. Mr'. 
Chowns and Mr. Workman used words of encourage- 
ment and always knew how to get the boys "up" for the 
big game. The team was led by the starting five, Reid, 
Freeman, Mungo, Wilson and Briggs, but the bench was 
also strong to help back them up. These outstanding 
ninth graders will be missed, but returning players 
Whitehurst, Shulte and Fairchild will look good for next 
year to begin the building of another team and to prove 
that Teamwork is important For Triumph. 

Lady Bra 

Rozv 1: Scot Fairchild, Robert Reece, John Shulte, Buddy Whitehurst, Pooky McGlone, l ack 
Freema n. Row 2: Juan Mungo, Tim Worst, Claiborne Cofer, I R Reid BobbiiJ^iiaoa, Darryl 
Williams, Joe Br 

112 / Sports 


The 1982-83 girls basketball team finished the 
regular season with a record of 5-5. Throughout the 
entire season, the girls demonstrated teamwork, 
spirit, sportsmanship, and ability. They practiced 
numerous hours after school to perfect the skills 
and fundamentals of the game. Miss Allen, the 
coach, did a very good job of working with the 
players and encouraging each and every team 
member. Key players such as Karen McCabe, 
Kathleen McCabe, Amy Harrell, Susan Hendricks, 
Kim Theriault and Laura Lee led the team on the 
court. Building on the experience gained during 
the season, returning players Teresa Platte, 
Michelle Little, Yvonne Merkel, Lori Ballance and 
Donna Hutcheson, should lead a strong 1984 team. 
Throughout a grueling season, the lady Braves 
showed it was simple to Shoot Two Gold-Blue. 

Row 1: Kim Theriault, Kathleen Mrr;^he- Rotr 2: Managers: Audrey Emmons, Wendy Doyle, April Brinn, 
Laura McLaughlin, Lori Ballance, Lori Britton. Managers; Michelle Hunter, Cindy Sykes.' Rozc 3: Michelle 
Dorland, Michele Little, Bonnie Joe, Amv Harrell, Melissa Pierce, Donna Hutcheson, Laura Lee, Susan 
Hendricks, Karen McCabe, Yj nnnr Mirrlrl Teresa Platte, Coached by: Janet Allen. 

Sports / 113 



77-Tim Soady, 84-Todd Soady, 91-Eric Stover, 98-Skip Danielson, 105-Jeff Cohen, 112-Bobby 
Clarke, 119-Joev Schwartzschile, 126-Chuck Morrison, 132-Pete DeAngelo, 138-Brandon 
Hamilton, 145-Chris Durand, 155-Bill Becker, 165-John Tripp, 175-Robert Holt, Unlimited — 
Scott Hufton. Managers: Cheri Dewberry, Karin Thomason. Coached by: Tim Spruill. 

Amid long hard practices and watching diets, 
one thing emerged from the wrestling team — 
PRIDE. Individuals wrestled well, and were proud 
of their wins, and even some of their losses. This 
year they proudly wore new uniforms and wres- 
tled on a new mat. 

Wrestling is one of the hardest sports because a 
wrestler must maintain a certain weight while 
being in top physical condition. He must exhibit 
strength and endurance. During the five minutes 
of a match, concentration, quickness and skill are 

The KJHS wrestling team learned a great deal 
from Coach Spruill, who led the team to a success- 
ful season with a record of 7-3. The team was 
fortunate to be coached by someone with Mr. 
Spruill's knowledge of and experience in wres- 

After the regular season, the team participated in 
the city-wide tournament at Bayside Junior High. 
Tim Soady won the city championship in the 77-lb. 
weight class, while Soady, Cohen, DeAngelo, 
Durand and Holt had third place finishes. In the 
tournament at duel matches and during practice in 
the mat room our Brave matmen showed that West- 
lers Hang Tough. 

Tim Soady 77-lb. city 

114 / Sports 


The 1982-83 gymnastic team had a great season 
this year with a final record of 6-1. Coached by 
Diane Johnson, the gymnasts worked very hard 
together as a team. Mrs. Johnson was very success- 
ful in sharing her knowledge and skills of gymnas- 
tics with the team. After many long hours of prac- 
hce, the team placed second in the regular season 
and third in the city-wide tournament. The team 
was led by ninth grade captains Megan Bickerstaff 
and Karen Chasse and eighth graders Paige Haw- 
kins and Dawn Ransdell. Other outstanding mem- 
bers were Garnett Casey, Leslie Drewry, Chris Ho- 
lian, Lauran Booth, and Kelly Scoby. All of the girls 
together helped contribute to the success of the 
team by giving their all towards Flippin' Out. 

Row 1: Leslie Drewry, Paige Hawkins, Lauren Booth. Row I: Shanun Bookhultz, Laurie 
Carpenter, Karen Chasse, Garnett Casey, Erm Larmee. Managers: Zabrina Gonzaga, 
Noelle Macareg. Megan Bickerstaff, Chris Holian. Managers: Eileen Mullaly, Kathv 
Escucha, Laura Connoly. Row 3: Tami Bone, Dawn Ransdell, Kelly Scoby. Row 4: Karen 
Chaves. Coached by: Diane Johnson. 

Sports / 115 


The 1982 baseball team finished an exciting 
season last spring as city champions. They 
progressed through their season with seven 
wins and three losses. Due to bad weather the 
championship game had to be played on the 
same day as the KJHS spring sports banquet. 
The boys beat Princess Anne with a score of 
nine to four and arrived at the sports banquet 
with the championship trophy. The combina- 
tion of returning players and new talent from 
the seventh and eighth grade contributed to 
the success of the team. The boys, coached by 
Mr. Zontini, put in many long, hard hours of 
practice. This was the third team that Mr. "Z" 
led to a city championship. A number of valu- 
able members of this team such as Fout, Whit- 
tier, Engle, Radigan, Francis, Larmore, Dank- 
myer, Catalono and Stanley, are being lost by 
the Braves to the Chiefs. For the 1983 season, 
Mr. Zontini, who has retired from his position 
as coach, will also be missed. New coach Mr. 
Benwitz can look forward to using the abilities 
of returning players DeAngelo, Briggs, and 
Fairchild to fulfill their hopes of being another 
Grand Slam Team. 

Robbie Engle pitches one last time. 

fs m 

Roic 1: Manager: Todd Beck. Geoff Fout, Ste\ e Radigan, Joe Briggs, Chris Falk, Pete 
DeAngelo, Tom Hunter, Scot Fairchild, Jason Beaton. Rmv 2: Chris Pearl, David Stanly, 
Steve Warren, Jerry Lavely, Ronnie Canyers, Robbie Engle, Scott Whittier, Pete 
Cantalono, Robbie Larmore, C.A. Dankmeyer. Coached By: Tony Zontini. 

116 / Sports 

Kelly and Julie give it their all. 


With-Kim as pitcher, it's 1,2,3, strikes 
you're put. 

it t ft 

Rozc 1: Linda Gard, Tern Drake, Karen McCabe, Laura McLaughlin, T.J. Whitehurst, 
Paige Hawkins, Kelly Wheeler, Lori Britton. Ron' 2; Manager: Cathy Adcock. Michelle 
Donand, Bonnie Joe, Kelly West, Susannah Baxter, Kim Tneriault, Lori Fimian, Dawn 
Dean, Susan Hendricks. Coached by: Diane Johnson. 

The 1982 softball team ended their season 
with a 5-5 record. The girls, coached by Mrs. 
Johnson, put in many long, hard hours of after 
school practice. The entire team worked well 
together and demonstrated determination and 
excellent attitudes. A number of valuable team 
leaders such as T.J. Whitehurst, Kellie West, 
Dawn Dean, Linda Gard, Susannah Baxter, and 
Julie Wilson are being lost to KHS for the 1983 
spring season. As coach, Mrs. Johnson will also 
be missed, but will be replaced by Miss Taylor, a 
new teacher to Kempsville this year. Miss Taylor 
and returning players Karen McCabe, Laura 
McLaughlin, Susan Hendricks, Paige Hawkins, 
Lori Britton, and Michelle Dorland can look for- 
ward to a fine '83 spring season. The girls dem- 
onstrated that Getting Into the Swing of Things 
could be done with teamwork. 

Sports / 117 


For many of the players who make the boys 
soccer team each spring here at KJHS it is the 
culmination of year round play. The boys team 
here at Kempsville Jr. begins their hard work and 
anticipation in early March and conclude the sea- 
son at the end of May. The 1982 team finished the 
season with a 5-2 record. The team as a whole, 
displayed great skill, teamwork and spirit. Mr. 
Spruill, the coach, proved to be so successful be- 
cause of the confidence he placed in his team and 
the encouragement he gave each player. The team 
was led by excellent offensive players as Bondur- 
ant, De Martino, Martinez, and Vaughn. The lead- 
ing defensive players were Collins, Schorr, and 
Sherwood. The returning players to the team this 
year are Hamilton, Walker, May, and VanDekel. 
The boys put it all together to show that our Braves 
Get a Kick Out of Soccer. 

f f ^ 

. H X ^ ^ 1f 

Kow 1: Gordon King, Brian Sherwood. Row 2: Brian Vaughn, Andy Walker, Mike Morgan, 
John May, David McLaughlin, Sam Bondurant, Scott Leonard, Chuck DeLoatche, Troy 
McPherson, Joey Reason, Chris Belcher. Row 3: Tom Colucci, David Ryan, David Gladden, 
Jerome VanOekel, John DeMartino, Eric Scharr, Steve Peirson, Eric Brown, Brandon 
Hamilton. Manager: Alan Fontanares. Coached by: Tim Spruill, Kevin Denson. 

118 / Sports 



¥ </• fi* 

Roui I. Paige Kelly, Maureen Thompson. Row 2: Manager: Caroline Grubbs. 
Chrissy Porterfield, Laurie Labyak, Sarah Silseth, Liz Annet, Carrie Pearson, Lori 
Stanley, Anne Slaughter, Chris Holian, Beth Permenter. Manager: Sharada 
Katepalli. Row 3: Manager: Barrie Teach. Valerie Perrault, Joelle Tonivich, Darla 
Yamada, Becky Reason, Michelle Curran, Beth Cousins, Kathleen McCabe, Andrea 
Watson, Christy Donohoe, Sarala Katepalli, Lauren Roper. Managers: Anete 
Vasquez, Wendy McVey. Coached by: Sharon Jennings. 

Both the scoreboard and the team's enthusiasm were 
attributes of the 1981-82 spring season success of the 
Kempsville Jr. girl's soccer team. They finished their 
season with a 4-2-1 record while displaying sports- 
manship, team spirit and cooperation. Mrs. Jennings, 
the coach, did an excellent job working with the players 
on the fundamentals of the game. The team was led to a 
good season offensively by: Beth Cousins, ChrisH Dona- 
hoo, Chris Porterfield. Outstanding defensive players 
were Paige Kelly, Lauren Roper, Sarah Silseth, and 
Marueen Thompson. The talents of these team mem- 
bers will be missed but the returning players can look 
forward to a successful spring season as they work to 
Soc' it to the other teams in the city. 

3? ^-i* 

Aim for the goal. 

.^. » Sports / 119 


Kempsville's track team was off and running with a 
strong turnout of 24 runners for the 1982 season. The 
girls worked extremely hard and had superior talent. 
The outstanding abilities of Kim Nelson, Reina George, 
Lori Brandon, Renee Lavely, and Beth Pendleton put 
the girl's track team at a high third place and only a few 
points from being the city champions. Even though 
these girls will be missed, there are shll the young hope- 
fuls such as Karen Chasse, Laura Lee, Kim demons, 
and Jennifer Ross who will also have the same chance. 
This was Ms. Allen's first year coaching track, but the 
entire team can back her up and say that she did a 
fantastic job. Her spirit and enthusiasm will make it 
much easier for the girls to Hurdle To Their Goal. 

Karen hurdles to victory 

Row 1- Manager; Audrev Emmons. Lisette Ruiz, Jill Humenck, Lon Brandon, Kim Ne son, 
Reina George Barbi Sparks, Kelly Walker, Laura D' Antonio. Rou' 2; Manager: N'™le Livas^ 
April Brinn Karen Chaves, Linda Gladstone, Andrea Jacka, Lauren Booth, Karen Chasse, Kim 
demons, Debbie Rozos. Row 3; Manager: John Barger. Carole Miller, Laura Lee, Melissa 
Pierce, Beth Pendleton, Jennifer Ross, Amy Harrell, Renee Lavely, Reyton Hull. Coached By. 
Janet Allen. 


Not just fun and games, joining the 1982 track 
team meant endless hours of after school practice, 
sore muscles, battling fierce competition, enduring 
defeat, and rising again to triumph. The KJHS boys 
track team practiced every afternoon four days a 
week from early spring to the end of the school 
year. Jogging through mud and rain became a com- 
mon experience, but for those willing to pay the 
price, it was all worth it. With the helpful and 
encouraging coaching of Mr. Hassell, the team had 
a successful season. Johnny Tincher, Greg Remy, 
city mile champion; Joe Brewer with a school 
record in the 100 yard dash; and Bobby Villa-Lobes 
were team leaders. The team looks forward to 
another great season with returning team mem- 
bers Bill Becker, Salbert Salang, Matt Chapman, 
Brooke Donahue, and Jeff Cohen. Together these 
athletes had Flying Feet. 

Row I; Joe Brewer, Tommy Mitchell, Greg Remy, Bobby Villa-Lobos, Johnny Tincher, Bill Comerford, Scott 

Depta, Andrew Koenig, Eric McDonald. Kow 1: manager; Mary Pellingra. Brian Ferguson, Salbert Salang, Jay 

Boyd, Robert Moore, Joe Jones, Bill Becker, Adam Lolodny, manager: Cossette Livas. Rou' 3. Amos Evans, 

Bobby Wilson, Kevin O'Brian, Brian Easton, Darnay Barial, Ray Phelps, Matt Chapman, Brooke Donahue. 

Row 4: Mike Pope, Adam Schuster, Jimmy Smith, Chris Haas, Scott Meyers, Jeff Cohen, Martin George. 

Coached by: Joe Hassell. „ , 

^ Sports / 121 


(Most Valuable) 

Football — 
Field Hockey 

Basketball — 
Basketball — 
Gymnastics — 
Wrestling — 
Soccer — 
Soccer — 

Softball — 
Baseball — 
Track — 
Track — 

Brandon JmmUti^ 
Anne Slaughter 
Kathleen McCabe 
].R. Reid 
Kim Theriault 
Paige Hazvkins 
Tim Soady 
Sam Bondurant 
Sarala Katepalh 
Maureen Thompson 
Dawn Dean 
Geoff Tout 
Johnny Tincher 
Kim Nelson 


(Most Improved) 

122 Sports 


This year the Kempsville 
coaches have selected Laura Lee as 
M the female athlete of the year. 

* Laura has demonstrated a desire 

for excellence and achievement, 
superior athletic ability, and a pos- 
itive attitude during her time of 
participation in KJHS sports. 
Laura was a member of the field 
hockey team during the 1981 and 1982 seasons. She 
lettered in basketball during the 1982-83 winter 
sports season, contributing a great deal to the suc- 
cesses of the Lady Braves. Outstanding in both 
defensive and offensive play, she was a strong 
rebounder and produced many turnovers by our 
opponents. Laura also participated in KJHS 'track 
during the 1981 and the 1982 spring seasons. At the 
1982 city tournament at Green Run High, she took 
third place in the city in the 880 meter run. Because 
of her performance on the field, track, and court, 
and her positive contribution to the morale of KJHS 
teams, Laura is a deserving recipient of this honor. 

The athlete who stands head 
and shoulders above all others at 
KJHS is J.R. Reid. J.R. has partici- 
pated in the athletic program at 
our school for three years, and has 
demonstrated superior athletic 
ability, leadership qualities, and 
good sportsmanship. He was a 
member of the football team for 
two years, and was a starting captain during his 
ninth grade year. During the 1982 fall season, he 
led the Braves to a 6-1 record. J.R. showed excep- 
tional ability on the basketball court. The captain of 
the citv regular season and tournament cham- 
pions, he was a key factor in building a 13-0 record. 
J.R. was also a member of the basketball team dur- 
ing his seventh and eighth grade years. J.R. also 
lettered in track during his eighth and ninth grade 
years. Because of his extraordinary performances 
on the basketball court and his outstanding con- 
tributions to other KJHS sports teams, J.R. is a 
deserving recipient of the high honor of Athlete of 
the Year. 

Sports / 123 


All to often we were not even aware 
of the passage of time. The events of 
our scnoolday fell into a rigid routine 
and even when it seemed the day 
would never end, in looking back, we 
realize that the year has gone much too 

Time together . . . with time to 
share. As our time slips away, golden 
friendships grow deeper. These are the 
outward signs of the passage of time; 
the ticking of a clock, the running of 
sand in an hour glass, the rising and 
setting of the sun. Together we sfiared 
times for relaxation and laughter, 
quiet moments for deepest thinking, 
times for questioning, and many 
hours of work and study. Although 
learning is important, the soul of 
KJHS is in the people involved in our 
school and the friendships that unite 
us. There may be more beautiful 
times, but this one was ours. 

We now have one last time, one last 
chance to take a look back on the things 
we've grown to love throughout the 
year. They were the songs that seemed 
like our songs and the times when 
Miltons seemed like heaven because 
you knew that special person would be 
there. These things made us complete, 
they made us who we are. They made 
us realize that school wasn't just a 
learning process but a loving process. 

The end of the year, it's an end and 
a beginning, a time of happiness and a 
time of tears, a moment of pride and a 
moment of regret, a time to think of all 
the things that have happened in a few 
golden years and a time to dream of 
future years. It's a moment of wishing 
that all the great times were ahead 
instead of behind. The end of the year, 
it's a time when we must leave the 
people and school we've grown to 
love, but take with us a love we've 
grown to know. 

And now that it's all over, in look- 
ing back we realize that it was a very 
special year, indeed. 

124 / Time 

H y ^ 







Time / 125 


As we change, so do our likes 
and emotions. The time we have 
spent together this year will al- 
ways be remembered, and those 
memories were made special by 
so many things that we associate 
with the 1982-83 school year. 
Along with the faces of friends 
and teachers we spent a great deal 
of time with, the 1983 Venture 
Staff wanted to record some smal- 

ler, often overlooked things. So in 
February, a poll was taken to de- 
cide among the student body 
what helped make this year so 
memorable. The top three choices 
in each category are included be- 
low. As we look back on the year, 
we realize how quickly things 
change. No matter what has 
changed, these times will never 
be forgotten. 

Favorite Movie 
[X] E.T. 

□ Tootsie 

□ The Toy 

Favorite Food 
[x] Pizza 

□ Seafood 

□ Steak 

126 / Time 


^ Pat Benatar 

□ Adam Ant & Rush 


Favorite Radio 
Station . . . 

[X] K-94 

□ Z-104 

□ FM-99 

Late To Class 
Excuse . . . 

[x] My locker is 

□ The halls were 

□ I was dying in the 

Favorite Song . . . 

Favorite T.V. Show . . . 

[x] Hungry Like 
The Wolf 

[x] Square Pegs 

□ Down Under 

□ M*A*S*H 

n Goody Two Shoes 

□ Magnum P.I. 

Time / 127 


It is tradition each year at Kempsville 
Jr. to select the ninth grade supersuper- 
latives. Each ninth grader was given the 
chance to vote for the boy and girl that he 
felt should be selected for the categories 
listed. This recognizes these students 
with special interests, talents, and traits 
that make them stand out above all 
others. The pictures of the winners and 
the names of the runners-up are in- 
cluded on these pages. On behalf of the 
student body, we would like to con- 
gratulate "YOU". Each of you are "su- 
per" and we hope this will help make 
this TIME special for you. 


1. Brandon Hamilton and Anne Slaughter 

2. Al Igana and Karen Chasse 

3. J.R. Reid and Stephanie Bannevich 


1. Perry Pascual and Karen Chasse 

2. Brod Bello and Anne Slaughter 

3. Caesar Mamplata and Amy Bordy 


1. Al Igana and Elizabeth Geddie 

2. Joe Briggs and Anne Slaughter 

3. Perry Pascual and Karen Chasse 


1. J.R. Reid and Justine Homes 

2. Danny Palermo and Jackie Powell 
3 Amos Evans and Regina Creek 


1. Al Igana and Lydia Cockey 

2. Juan Mungo and Anne Slaughter 

3. Kyle Horton and Tracy Adkinson 

128 / Time 


1. Stephanie Bannevich and Brooke Donahue 

2. Debbie Rozos and Brandon Hamilton 

3. Vanessa Preston and Troy Kingsbury 


1. Tom Colucci and Justine Homer 

2. J.R. Reid and Leslie Miller 

3. Amos Evans and Julie Clark 


1. Brandon Hamilton and Anne Slaughter 

2. Al Igana and Elizabeth Geddie 

3. Bobbv Wilson and Bev Blount 


1. J.R. Reid and Kathleen McCabe 

2. Brandon Hamilton and Laura Lee 

3. Joe Briggs and Karen Chasse 


1. Jackie Powell and Tim Lovelace 

2. Gina Amato and Charlie Ruchelman 

3. Laura Mann and J.R. Reid 

Time 129 

KJHS . . . 

The deserving receipients of the 1983 
service awards are Anne Slaughter and 
Perry Pascual. During their time at KJHS, 
Anne and Perry have displayed keen in- 
terest in student activities and have al- 
ways presented positive viewpoints as 
they carried out the many responsibili- 
ties they accepted. 

The president of the SCA and the edi- 
tor of the yearbook, Anne is also a mem- 
ber of thelvJational Jr. Honor Society and 
the Science Club. She was captain of the 
field hockey team, and also lettered in 
soccer. Perry has served as vice- 
president of the SCA. He is also a mem- 
ter of the debate team, the Science Club, 
the Latin Club, and the National Jr. Hon- 
or Society. Both Anne and Perry are in- 
volved in service activities in the com- 

Anne and Perry are to be commended 
for their excellence in the areas of 
academics, citizenship, and service. 
Their diligence, enthusiasm, and pride 
in being Braves have had a positive effect 
on botn students and faculty as we all 
worked together this year. It is no sur- 
prise that the faculty has chosen to 
present these two outstanding leaders 
with the high honor of the Service 

Being the editor of the 1983 
Venture was an exhausting 
job for Anne, and Perry 
always had his hands full as 
tne vice-president of the 

130 / Time 



Sharon Dawn Everett 

To everything there is a season, 
and a time to every purpose under 

A time to be born and a time 
to die . . . 

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2 

Time / 131 

Sv3xx^c^'^^ Cxoc^n: vjo'^A^ ^^KJe- 

In reaching out to grab the 
last life of "Brave Spirit", let's 
remember the joys, pains, 
agonies, and accomplish- 
ments of 1982-83, and strive 
forward only to keep in our 
minds and hearts the experi- 
ences we shared with friends. 
The Venture Staff wishes you 
the best of luck in everything 
you do and would like to end 
with a note of appreciation 
and respect for all that you, as 
a school, have done in contri- 
buting to the community and 
world around you. Never 
again will we assemble within 
a school in the same shape, 
form, or fashion, to join in 
laughter and sorrow. So al- 
ways remember KJHS and our 
TIME spent together. 

132 / Time 

5o-^ ^ o>-v\c^ ^<:ic>c^ \ot^^ 


^^^^^ V^c*ir V- \ 

^^cP -^^y 

( ^ 

I?. ^^^^^^ 

4 q'g^oSr'^'Sr^ 

t-^-^ T^-^^s?^ 

~^(xcoo\ girl iL^h Cc^r^ G^fi-f 
Showier arS Sort'i a^-h ^wcneO 

^h/^ you ^j^^'^ hc^. . , 



U . clWc ^ bJet Wxve preUy v-ociny la(JLC,h"b dkxa^^ 

^^^^-^^^ftVc; 13<%lV-m\5^ <^/imv-nrrz CSK"^ ChY 

Jo Are \|0U ^0/V;{v3^ (aM 
-4Ar^>Q, VO^U Kao^ a oge^^ 

\-\e(^ CVmc^^''. UDCll M^CM^r^ ^ed.'d 

-5f=^LO ee^cV^ o-VWer- -^^C V^A'V\. LOe Wantc tooc/s/ 

/viced R--9ViCA^d "to -\r<^ll:S -tc> fWL^H-ir^e ^^^"^^ ^^il or 

^v^^f^h^ ^^csK fa^re -4Aoe fv\o':>'4- b^t>^ -Pr-. eA/o/ t" 
h(^/e ever W/^q\ \ri -\:inc ^rld.'DoAi'-h ^H/Sa/oc^, 

Qcotsc m u:>. > I --saj _, ^ i«v . 

'XhS) ujojo (/T\e 


.j^aB, (iCm o\X CAQ, cx^ 
wOu;Cuii^Qx^ Juc>icV> c^biArr^ a^iKK^^ Ooonaiiovx 

0^4^ (j^dUL q^d^ Auu^ 


■ W ''Stop-Saiem 

• North Carolina 
John G Perry, Saluda, Virginia 

ndo OP QA^ 

drx)^^ God cxTtAj 0|^L±£^ 



The 1983 Venture Staff would like to extend 
our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the 
following people: 

. Mr. Davis and Administration — for the use of the conference 
room, advice, and encouragement. 

. Mr. John Perry — for his professional advice, time, and coopera- 

. Mr. Lynn Phillips — for his help with photography. 
. Mr. Bob Booth — for helping us with our schedule and supporting 
our ideas. 

. Miss Mary Gamble — for her moral support, encouragement, help 
/with copy, keeping secrets, and taxi service. 

eil Phelps — for lots of help when we needed it. 
Mr. Charles Wray — for his incredible patience, lending his house, 
and for understanding. 

Miss Emma Sawyer — for helping us organize our bookkeeping. 
Our Families — for their constant encouragement and support, 
:atifcn, and patience. 

da Wray — for her countless hours, parience, en- 
couragement and support, transportation, or for simply being the 
best "Venture Mom" anyone could have. 

Our yearbook could not have been published without 
their time. 

Thank you. 

The '83 Venture Staff 



^ // a 

^ ^ c,u -e- 

^- -D V 

tjCK uMJ. &cot